The Good and the Bad

I have been told that my blog is often negative -as if I do not acknowledge all the good that is happening in Scranton. Well, let me be the first to say that Scranton has budding art community exhibited by the work of the Scranton Fringe festival and events hosted by NEPA Scene. There are countless shops working to make life better in Scranton, doing so with the lack of support from the local government. The people of Scranton are hospitable, warm and generous. There isn’t a night when you do not see people jogging. The city is a mix of a downtown city with a rural community back drop. Now, why do I seem so negative?


The reason I am seemingly negative is because as an out of towner, I cannot view Scranton the same way the locals do. Local Scrantonians love Scranton and are very fond of it. I have grown to be fond of it but I cannot ignore what has become white noise in this city. What do I mean by this? The city’s corruption is not something I can ever turn a blind eye to. The fact that local businesses are constantly complain about the taxes and lack of innovation coming from the government while the government has time to richly compensate itself is startling. Local Scrantonians have become so disgusted with the local politics that they say it isn’t worth talking about. It is assumed every politician is in pocket and if you do not play along you suffer serious consequences. Well, I do not have the connections in this city to become a target. I will shout on the roof top that the Scranton people should be free of this menace of government corruption.

Good and Bad

I do this because I believe that Scranton is a great place that can be even better. The one thing that is holding it back is the double dealing government and their political cronies. I do not want Scrantonians to fall into a sense of false security believing that the local government has any interest in the betterment of this city. No! The government is filled with double dealing thieves who give the people just enough not to complain. That will not suffice! Not for me and not for the Scranton people. Therefore, please do pardon me, I have no scruple with Scranton people, just did horrid local government. And I will not rest until it is busted wide open!

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