Scranton Stuck In A Time Warp

When I first came here, I mention to the locals that cars will soon drive themselves. People thought I was crazy until suddenly the news comes out that in Pittsburgh cars are doing just that (here). Yes, ladies and gentlemen it is a new dawn and those who do not take advantage of the new technologies will be left in the dust. It is time for Scranton to modernize!

Fearing the Future

The future will come regardless of what anyone feels about it. Progress will take place. Now, this progress can be enjoyed by the Scranton people and this city or It can be a missed opportunity. Please be advised that someone will take advantage of these opportunities and prosper from it. What makes cities(civilizations) successful is the dynamism that exist which permits experimentation with things that are new. How does self-driving cars create success? Well, if Scranton had self driving cars then people could be out all night without worrying about how theyr’re getting home. A budding nightlife would be easy to create and restaurants could pop anywhere. Tourism would be flourishing. There would be no need for parking, meters, gas or the other inconveniences  that come from having a car. Furthermore, this would be far cheaper than regular transportation. This means more commuting, dining out and socializing for all. This of course would drive revenue and create greater opportunities. We never know how the creativity of the human mind can unleash something unforeseen in the world. Creating that environment here would mean new jobs for residents!

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