Ideas Changed the World

Perhaps one of the most striking things of this age is the way some people down play the power of ideas. We often hear people claim that money and political influence is the only way to achieve success or change things. Really? What money and political influence did Jesus, Socrates, Zoroaster, Martin Luther, Paul, etc.. have? They rocked nations and changed the course of history with mere words-ideas!

The Power of Ideas

It cannot be stressed enough that nearly everything in our society is a result of an idea or a vision someone had. The computer you are using now existed in the mind of a person before it became a reality. The same thing with Facebook, tv, cable and everything else you see. When we talk about the power of money and influence, we betray our own history and experience which is rooted in the power of ideas. Was it is not those illustrious words arrayed on that document called the Declaration of Independence that set this world ablaze? England had more money and power, but America had the conviction to uphold a powerful idea. The idea that people could live equally under the law. Now, we see that this notion is being beset by the likes of those who would use the levers of government for personal gain. Doing the same thing that caused the Revolution in the first place. Ideas founded this Country and good ideas can change Scranton for the better.

Give me the people

I have said on many occasions that billionaires and millionaires can keep their money. Their money will not keep them warm, love them, care for them, or enrich their lives. Only people can do that! I would rather have a million people than a million dollars any day!

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