Scrantonians will pay more for parking!

I predicted this when the parking garage was sold that it would result in more fees for Scrantonians(here). The government’s mouth piece, the Times Tribune, has recently published a story stating that Scrantonians will be paying more for parking meters and the parking garage. Scrantonians will be paying $1.50 per hour for parking meters(25 cents more or a 25% increase) and $3.50 for the parking garage(.50 more or 16% increase)(here). This is will become the new normal and will only presage more fees in the future. This is just the beginning. In a move that can only be described as silly and self defeating, the Scranton government is on a crusade to destroy the downtown area, ruin the business prospects of the city, and impoverished Scrantonians more so than they already are.

Skinning the City Alive

The Scranton government is bent on doing one thing and one thing only- levying taxes on the Scranton people, selling or leasing public assets and then milk the city for all its worth before it collapse completely and totally. If anyone thinks that these deals does anything for the city except benefit the few who are in league with the government, I have a bridge to the sky to sell you. The city functions solely for the politically connected and everything the Scranton government does is example of this. I am aware that the good people of Scranton would like to think well of others and probably cannot conceive of the double dealing of the city officials. But rest assured, the Scranton government doesn’t care about Scranton or Scrantonians. Why pay these crooks anymore money? Boycotting the Scranton government is entirely reasonable. Let the city pay for its own debts and horrible deals. #BoycottScrantongovernment #BSG @Savescranton

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