The Lesser Evil?

There is this notion constantly being thrown around about choosing the lesser of two evils. Now, consider for a moment if something is really evil. Like what do you consider evil? Most people would say things like murder and rape are high on the list of things that are evil. Now, imagine if I were to ask you to make a choice between the two: would you be able to choose the lesser evil?

Compromising Our Dignity

We have had it pretty good in America, especially for the past 50 years. What I mean by this is that during those 50 years we haven’t experienced a civil war, famine, state failure, economic collapse, take over, whole sale tyranny, etc.. We have lived in relative peace except for a couple of hiccups here and there. The problem with this is that it has left us with a false sense of security. We often think that political decisions are without consequence. Well, if we honestly take a look at Scranton, can we say that political decisions have not resulted in the pillaging of the city? The city is designed to help those who are political connected; we all know it. This means that opportunities are made scarce on purpose to avoid disrupting the social/political order. Anyone with just a cursory understanding of political science clearly sees what Scranton is. The Scranton government is no different than the corrupt regimes in the eastern bloc of Europe.  In those regimes, everything is done to reinforce the status quo and to help government employees. Does that sound familiar?

Choosing Truth

I say we should always rule on the side of truth. It is the right thing to do and it is best thing to do. The lies that are continually told by the Scranton government have resulted in a decaying city with limited prospects. I am well aware of the efforts the Scranton people have made to make a living despite rampant corruption of the Scranton government, but the truth must prevail. As long as the Scranton government is corrupt, the true potential and creative energies of the Scranton people will be hampered by the evil and self serving. Truth is that there is no grey line. You are either for the corruption or you are not.  There is no lesser evil.

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