Save Scranton’s Debut

I took it for granted that many people in Scranton didn’t know my story. For this reason, I have decided to edit the site to include a bio that explains exactly who I am and what I am about- shout to the lovely lady who gave me the idea. Now, the story begins when I was talking to two city council men about updating the local government’s technology so that it could be more efficient. It’s 2016, there is no reason why the Scranton government webpage should look like it was made in the 90s.(here) One of the city’s councilmen told me that they were trying to get a calendar on the website and couldn’t do it even after a year of discussion. I asked why, and he informed me that everything was heavily unionized which meant duties were strictly assigned and guarded. He went on to tell me that the city is controlled by a political society that controls everything from behind the scenes, but that is a story for another time.


The Budget

Around this time in the fall of 2015 the budget came out and I decided to take a gander at it. Now, I have poured over many a public company’s public statements in my time, but I have never bothered to look at a government’s financial statements. Yikes! The operating budget for Scranton was growing while revenue sources where based on projections. Anyone who knows their accounting knows how projection and pro-forma accounting can get you into trouble i.e Enron, World Com, Arthur Andersen. It appears that the Government of Scranton did not get the memo. It relies on projected revenue calculations despite the government having failed to accurate project revenues in a long time. Hence, the reason the city has no money and the pensions are underfunded. I confronted one of the city councilmen with my concerns and he said that the city had to keep the lights on. Then he proceeded to tell me about the political society that controls the local government that is based on ethnic heritage and other things. I was puzzled because I thought things like this only happened in foreign countries. I told him he should tell the Scranton people that the government has no money. He said that he would not. I told him he has to a duty to do so. He refused. I proceeded to tell him that times have changed; A young Mark Zuckerberg can change the world and be worth billions with a good idea. He told me that was my reality, not his. It was obvious that had to be done at that moment. I looked him in the eye and told him I would tell the Scranton people.


There is no greater service a person can render than that which he gives to his fellow man. I have mention on several occasions that we as Scrantonians and Americans have inherited the blood, sweat and tears of those who came before us. Their labor, sacrifices, and battles were all so that we could have a better life. The way I see it, there is no other why I can show my appreciation except by preserving their victories. Thus, I cannot in good conscience allow the continued pillaging of the prospects of the Scranton people. Thus, this has become my fight! #Save Scranton

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