Scranton Parking Deal Benefits who?

Recently, in today’s government paper the Times-Tribune, the Scranton parking deal was touted as a success, but for whom?(here) Does anyone in Scranton really believe that leasing the parking garages and meters benefits Scranton? The 40-45 year concession that allows the non-profit National Development Council to control the garages and meters doesn’t seem like a winning strategy. And the owner of the Steam Town mall gets his hands on government property on the cheap benefits the city how? If the city is in this deep of financial straits then shouldn’t the government fix the cause. What is the cause of Scranton financial turmoil? Why does Scranton keep bleeding cash? How does the sale or leasing of government assets fix things?

Financial mismanagement

The Scranton government is not sustainable. The people of Scranton cannot afford it. It has the same amount of personnel that they had when the city was two times bigger. That means that the 50% remaining Scrantonian have to prompt up a bloated government. Now, when a company or government begins selling assets, you have to wonder why it is in business. As an enterprise, the Scranton government is a failed one. It doesn’t know how to maintain a sound budget and keep control of cost. These measures to stop the bleeding only establish the need for the Scranton government to file for bankruptcy. Admit the truth and move on with life. Begin taking the necessary steps to make the city stronger by making the city competitive. This is simple as basic math.

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