Thanks to the Libertarian Party for the Shout out

We’d like to thank LP National(National Libertarian Party) for taking the time out to reach out to their 69.5 thousand followers and let them know what’s going down in Scranton. Cheers!

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One thought on “Thanks to the Libertarian Party for the Shout out

  1. As a leader in the Libertarian Party, I in turn would like to thank Gary St. Fleur and the members of Save Scranton for trying to rein in unaccountable government and get power back to the people where it belongs!

    The problem with most politicians, as a bumpersticker I recently came across noted, is that they always come to confuse power with wisdom. When those in power become accustomed to being in charge, it’s easy for them to develop the habit of thinking that they have more right to run your life and dispose of your resources than you do. Nope! If they were wiser and more compassionate than the rest of us, they would not be stealing the people of Scranton blind in order to line their own pockets.

    You are absolutely right to call them out on their scam and seek to make them match their moral bankruptcy with a declaration of fiscal bankruptcy so that you can wipe the slate clean and get the people of your town out from under the immoral obligations they have tried to burden you with. Just because politicians cut a bunch of self-serving deals with police and firefighter unions does not mean that we the people are obliged to resign ourselves to endless austerity so that these white collar gangsters can ride their gravy train off into the sunset.

    If they try to talk about the importance of keeping promises, they should be reminded of their own oaths to uphold the Constitution, and the promise of the American Dream that they are destroying for the ordinary people who they expect to pay their way.

    Love & Liberty,
    ((( starchild )))
    At-Large Representative, Libertarian National Committee
    (415) 625-FREE

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