Rants From Local Scrantonians 3rd Edition

“I am ready to take the stand. I am sick of the corruption in Scranton. My wife is a very qualified teacher and cannot find work in scranton because the teachers union only hires their friends and family. My property tax increased so much in the last few years that I am struggling to pay it. There are no jobs here!”

“I think it’s about time we as citizens ban together to hire our own legal team to handle this. We can also make this national news . We pay ridiculous wage taxes along with ridiculous property & school taxes and we should not keep silent any longer. Who’s ready to take a stand and get some national exposure?”

“I’m leaving. I’ll probably lose money when I sell my house but I’m done throwing good money after bad. Waiting for this city to turn itself around is like continuing to play a losing slot machine because “it’s gonna hit soon it’s been losing so long” Soon the only people living in scranton will be the city employees that are mandated to.”

“This article is well written. I agree 100 percent with the views of the author. We need change in Scranton. Ever heard the old saying “hit em where it hurts, in their pockets”

“ thriving area needs something to make it thrive. What does Scranton have? You are so correct in your assertion that Scranton leadership has no pride. No drive for success. It’s not easy, and properly fixing Scranton will make a LOT of people really mad. It will also take a massive push from constituents, which is where I believe the effort will falter. People around here just don’t care. Complacency is the prevailing attitude. I wish my stupid wife wasn’t so hung up on this area. It really is stupid to stay in Scranton. I for one am moving asap. Probably beginning of next year.”

“There are some intriguing points in time in this post but I don’t know if I see all of them center
to heart. There is some validity but I’ll take hold opinion until I look into it further.
Good post , thanks and we need more! Added to FeedBurner as well.”

“I have called the City to get the owners of a house that was condemned. The grass is about 4 feet tall now.. It has been 2 weeks since I called and nothing.. Perhaps there is nobody to fine and that is why..”

“Scranton is liken to a fiefdom ruled by crooks and intimidated by the PSEA , school superintendents and their local cronies, the school board members.”

“The mayor has done nothing but run more business’ out of town. I know of three business’ downtown that have been given the runaround by city politics and the administration and they have went on to say that they dont even want to open anymore. They feel they complied with every law and ordinances from food and safety and still they were not given proper permits to open. They have contacted the city administration and were given the same answer “we will contact you back”. Bull fucking shit. If the administration cant get off their lazy asses to inspect these business that want to do business in this city…its no wonder why business’ are leaving. Mayor courtright needs to crack the whip and get his own administration under control or more business will grow tired and move on.”

“Wow…..Sharing this one in a few places.”

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