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A promotion is a celebratory event that rewards competence, performance and skills. Usually, the person being promoted has a background that would make their ascendance reasonable. Of course, as often the case, in Scranton things are a bit different. In Scranton, you can get promoted without having any background in the field or knowledge base to draw from.  It isn’t like Karate has anything to do with managing a debt riddled municipality.

Congratulations…sort of

While speaking to some local Scrantonians, a little bird happen to tell me that the city is prone to doling out promotions to people who are not qualified for their job. The example I was given was of a health inspector who, according to my source, has zero qualifications in health or food. How did they get the job? Well, they took a four hour course somewhere and suddenly this makes them qualified to inspect restaurants for food violations. Of course, the real story is that she was due for a promotion for being in government for so long that they just gave her the title. Imagine a world where people are given promotions for just sticking around. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem except that the public is paying for these sorts of shenanigans. Does this person even have the credentials to claim anything about an establishment’s food safety? Doubtful!

It’s Who You Know

So much of Scranton is based on who you know. People are given jobs based on who they know. Promotions are given out based on who you know. And businesses are permitted to operate based on who you know. Is there any wonder why so many businesses are boarded up and leave town? I spoke to one guy who just started his business a couple of months ago. He didn’t even have a customer yet and the Scranton government was already sending him forms to collect taxes. This parasitic government cannot wait to get its greedy little fingers on tax payer’s money. Someone like this guy I met should be welcomed to the city because he is bringing in revenue, business, and traffic and creating jobs. Instead, he is met with the equivalent of a shakedown. The sad truth is that he didn’t know the right people so he is already making plans to leave the city and head to DC.

Unfairness Galore!

It is truly odious to witness a policy where people are given benefits and promotions by scamming the system. The fact that 50% of the police department and 58% of the fire department retirees are on disability is heinous(here). This sort of abuse is no different than the countless of people in Scranton who go on SSI to get paid by the government. Of course, the government doesn’t have any money of its own. This is the money that people work hard for and are taxed to support what exactly? The people’s money should not be used to give promotions to the unqualified, give disability to people who aren’t hurt or give contracts to people who do not have licenses. The people who make this city what it is should get a break and have a government that is fair.
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