Rants From Scrantonians 2nd Edition

This is Save Scranton’s second edition of rants from Scrantonians! Here are some new ones:


“Scranton is a disgrace.  what a financial mess dumped on the backs of the taxpayers.   more raises, more pensions, more cronyism, no accountability.   we all live within our means, why cant the government do the same.   they just keep taxing the shit out of property owners to prop up their salary’s and pensions.   total collapse is the only future.  Unfortunately,  My mom is still a resident their, getting crushed by the tax’s and plummeting property value.  what a shame.  I used to be proud to be a Scrantonian.”

“So in the last ten years we sold our parking meters, parking garages now, then the SSA to an outside company, we sold the UofS[University of Scranton] a city block for there new building …. and we don’t expect the city taxes to go up… These are mostly owned now by non profits so there “surplus” means our city tax payer are going to foot the bill.”

“”How does a parking garage company who is leasing our Scranton parking garages qualify as a non profit, and for a 40 year lease yet ? How does this happen ? And what is the city getting out of this ?”

“”I was born and raised here, I have become embarrassed to say where I  from!! The taxes are getting out of hand! I would love to move but I would lose my shirt if I sold my house!”

“I think we should raise sales tax , at least some of the burden would be off property owners!! People have said they would rent in Scranton, but would never buy. Or just file bankruptcy, but then their books would have to be turned over for federal audit, and we know they don’t want that!!! So they are crippling the home owners!!”

“You want your county and city back, the first thing that has to be done is to get the citizens to take their heads out of the their collective asses and stop putting these same old political hacks in charge of the parties. Every politician from county commissioners to row officers and all in between should be tossed out. They are the problem! They can not or will not bring  new business’ because they are incapable of finding anyone to come here. They are slowing killing the remaining citizens that live here with higher and higher taxes. The unions screw over the people as well. Where, in the name of God, do they think the money will come from. They’ve sold most, if not all public assets. Do we actually have a mayor and/or city council in this city. Where are they, what are they doing. The answer is simple they are not, have not nor will they perform their jobs. The old boy network, once and for all, needs to be publicly executed. They have had their chance for God knows how many generations and look at what they have done to this once great city. They should be ashamed of themselves and their actions over the years. If Scranton is to survive, which looks doubtful, based on current abilities of the local politicians, it will take a new breed, a breath of fresh air, a new beginning to right this ship. If, and only if this happens will Scranton survive and possibly thrive again. The best guess for this to happen would have to be a few to several generations down the road and that’s assuming they kill the old boy network and that they are able to remain here to rebuild. It is possible. It could be done. The start of any journey begins with the first step. Are we, as citizens, strong enough, willing enough and committed to what needs to be done, the proper and right thing to do for all of us. It just takes one of us to step up and as in the movie Network say , ” I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”  Is that person out there, is there someone with ideas and bravery and courage to stand for their convictions for themselves, for all of us. I, for one, certainly hopes so.”

If you have any rants you want to put on this website please contact us at savescranton1@gmail.com. #savescranton #boycottscrantongovernment


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