The Scranton Government Score Card

Not everyone has the time to read up on all the things that are wrong with the Scranton government. Therefore, we have created a short line by line score card on the main points of makes the Scranton Government a corrupt nightmare:

  1. 1/3 of the Scranton population lives in poverty (here)
  2. Most of the lucrative jobs in the city have some affiliation to the government (here)
  3. The Scranton government is tittering toward bankruptcy with over a 300 million dollars in debt (here)
  4. There are hardly any jobs in the area that pay a living wage(here)
  5. The Scranton government routinely attacks residents, so much so that they are now in court for such abuses(here)
  6. The city is falling apart with blighted houses and boarded up business everywhere.(here, here)
  7. Did I forget to mention that it is the unhappiest city in America?(here)
  8. The local mall is a ghost town (here)
  9. The local government spends upwards of 80% of the budget on government employee compensation.(here)
  10. And they are planning to sell public assets in order to pocket to proceeds.(here)
  11. The local government will use intimidation tactics to silence anyone who opposes the status quo.(here)
  12. The current debt rating for Scranton is below Junk Status(here)
  13. The fire fighters pension is only 17 percent funded, the non-uniformed fund is 23 percent funded and the police fund is at 29 percent. (here)
  14. 50% of retired police officers and 56% of the firemen in Scranton are currently on disability and receiving disability payments. The highest rate in the entire state of Pennsylvania!(here)
  15. Being on disability in Scranton does not disbar these people from getting jobs elsewhere. One source is quoted saying “There are actually some people in Scranton, some retired police officers who are now working as prison guards. “ (here)
  16. But the police cars, fire engines, headquarters and government buildings are absolutely luxurious! In fact, government buildings account for the most tax-exempt property in the city(here)
  17. Corruption runs deep in the area.(here)
  18. Residents plead with the government to stop the tax increases and file for bankruptcy but the City refuses. (here)
  19. It is not possible to tax your way out of this crisis by raising taxes but the City of Scranton tries anyway(here)
  20. In the neighboring town Police cars, Fire Engines and Headquarters were purchased through private dollars and offered as “gifts”(here)
  21. Eleven officers in Scranton earned six figure Salaries when most Scrantonians live in poverty and the city government is bankrupt!(here)
  22. One in three children live in poverty in Scranton, Pennsylvania!(here)
  23. The Scranton government permits the contamination of the city’s water(here)
  24. Scranton has a lead problem worse than flints(here)
  25. Police officers and Firemen make 100k when the median salary is 40k(here)
  26. Scranton sold its sewer authority to a private company and intends to pocket the money(here)
  27. Scranton “leased” its parking meters and public garage to dubious firms who intend to raise fees(here)
  28. Scranton has a mercantile tax just to do business in Scranton(here)
  29. Scranton has a Heroin problem (here)
  30. Scranton gave away its public garage for a dollar (here)
  31. Scranton refuses to go bankrupt despite having no money(here)
  32. Scranton is in desperate need of federal investigation(here)
  33. Scranton government is going to tax rain(here)
  34. Scranton residents live in fear of Scranton government(here)
  35. People who oppose the Scranton government die mysteriously(here)


The Scranton Government makes democracy sound like a bad joke. SMH…#savescranton #boycottscrantongovernment
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