Scranton Government Okays The Poisoning of City’s Water!

To prove just how much the government of Scranton doesn’t give a damn about the people of Scranton, they have recently given the okay to have the city’s water poisoned (here). It isn’t enough that property values have collapsed. It isn’t enough that economic progress is none-existent in the city of Scranton. Businesses are boarded up and drug addled homeless people fill the square. To top it all off, they are literally poisoning the Men, Women and Children of Scranton.

Leachate in the water!

It all began when residents in the Green Ridge Section of Scranton began smelling a foul order coming from the sewers(here). The investigation of this odor led to the discovery of a pipeline to a landfill that was directing waste into Scranton Sewers. This pipeline should be closed and there was a settlement made in 1990 to ensure such pipelines could not spew runoff into local Scranton sewers. Amazingly, an amendment was made to this act and the Scranton sewers were then contaminated. This contamination has the effect of poisoning the air as well as the water supply in the city of Scranton. What are the effects Leachate?

Here is a list:

Chemical/metal Health effects from acute exposure

Lead = Abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, confusion, drowsiness, seizures
Mercury = bloody diarrhea, dehydration, renal failure
Cadmium compounds = metallic taste, cough, chest pain, nausea, diarrhea, skin irritation
Nickel = skin irritation, dermatitis, diarrhea, gum disease
Toluene = tremors, convulsions, coma
Phenols/cresols = burning pain in the mouth and throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, coma, shock

Chemical/Metal Health effects from long term exposure

Lead = anorexia, abdominal pain, constipation, chronic nephropathy, hypertension,
Mercury = tremors, memory loss, seizures, coma, irritability, acute kidney failure, decrease in platelets, anemia that follows gastrointestinal bleed
Cadmium compounds = anemia, kidney damage, possible prostate and lung problems
Phenols and cresols = renal failure
Benzene = blood-related disorder

Scranton Government Refuses to Do Anything

In what is perhaps one of the most obvious signs of lack of legitimacy that any local American government has ever displayed, Scranton has recently decided to do nothing about the pipeline and contamination. A local organization, Friends of Lackawanna, has been protesting vigorously about the harm and the effects that this open pipeline can cause. They have petitioned the Scranton government to enforce the 1990 amendment with KSL that made it illegal for such a thing to even happen. The City Solicitor outrageously decided to enforce the amendment and permit the pipeline to remain open! Scranton’s Lead levels are 4 times higher than flints!(here) Ok, get this Scranton! The Scranton government has said it is okay for some landfill in Dunmore to poison you and your kids!! The Scranton government does not deserve the acknowledgement of the Scranton people. The Scranton people should make steps to live as though the Scranton government does not exist. Let the Scranton government go Bankrupt. Do not pay anything to it. Refuse to support it until it goes bankrupt and an investigation is made to expose how such a gross miscarriage of justice is possible. AGAIN, THE SCRANTON GOVERNMENT DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU! BOYCOTT THE SCRANTON GOVERNMENT AND BRING IT TO ITS KNEES!!!!!! #Savescranton #BoycottScrantongovernment

4 thoughts on “Scranton Government Okays The Poisoning of City’s Water!

  1. I think it’s about time we as citizens ban together to hire our own legal team to handle this. We can also make this national news . We pay ridiculous wage taxes along with ridiculous property & school taxes and we should not keep silent any longer. Who’s ready to take a stand and get some national exposure?!

  2. I am ready to take the stand. I am sick of the corruption in Scranton. My wife is a very qualified teacher and cannot find work in scranton because the teachers union only hires their friends and family. My property tax increased so much in the last few years that I am struggling to pay it. There are no jobs here!

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