Scranton’s Bankruptcy is Inevitable

It is not a question of “If”; it is a question of “when” and “how”. Every study will tell you that it is impossible to tax your way out of a debt problem. The more the Scranton government raises taxes, the more people leave the city. This in turns decreases their tax base which means they will have to raise taxes higher to recoup losses. If you couple that with a rapidly declining, and aging, population, you have a situation where Scranton will definitely run out of money.

Harvesting Organs

The city of Scranton is being leased and sold for parts until the fateful day when it completely runs out of money. Currently, the Scranton government has to do things like sell government assets and borrow money just to stay afloat. This will inevitably lead to high fees for residents since for-profit entities are in the business of making money. As far these non-profits, what is in it for them to be so generous? Also, why does Scranton government give up a key asset, if that same asset is worthless? Who would buy it? I say that an investigation needs to be made to find out who exactly sits on the board of these non-profits and who owns shares in these private companies. I am certain that the findings would be interesting. Thus, we have another case of the Scranton government serving everyone but the Scranton people.

The Proper Course

The proper course of action for the Scranton government is to file bankruptcy and create a plan to make the city economically stronger. This of course would take courage and a spine. It would mean boldly declaring what everyone knows to be true. It would mean fighting the unions and reigning in on taxes and excessive cost. It would require strategic thinking and innovative planning. Fundamentally, it would require a completely different government. One that is competent and actually capable of getting things done. Again, it isn’t difficult to copy cities that have succeeded and attempt to duplicate their success. The city of Scranton can incorporate countless of ideas to make it an economic powerhouse. But of course, that would mean stopping the back door dealings that are far too prevalent in this government. Jobs should be given to people based on talent and ability, not who they know. Opportunities should be made available even if it means the possibility that other people will prosper. In high tide, all the ships rise. We should want to live in a city where everyone has the opportunity to be economically successful.  Experimentation and innovation is the key to increase wealth. Consider how the invention of the car shaped Detroit. Instead of complaining about the loss of one invention or industry, we can always create new and better ones. This would mean jobs for the countless students who attend the schools in this area. This would mean better schools and rising home values. This is possible but first the Status quo has to go!

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