Bring The Scranton Government To Court

It is interesting to observe how the Scranton government was brought to court by the unions representing the police and firemen, but this courtesy doesn’t seem to be available to regular Scrantonians. How is it that the unions have this sort of representation while the Scrantonians who fund the entire local government, including the salaries of the personnel represented by the unions, have little say in what goes on in the Scranton government?

A Rogue Government

Everyone in the NEPA area seems to view Scranton as a example of corruption gone amuck. The unions were successful in getting the Scranton government to take tax payers money ($28 million dollars) and give it to their members. Their argument is that they were promised this money. Who promised them this money? Did the Scranton people promise to pay policemen and firemen 100k? Did the Scranton people promise the Scranton police and firemen lifetime pensions? These same pensions that are underfunded 80% and are costing the city of Scranton over 300 million, somehow the Scranton people have to pay for it. The people of Scranton were made promises too! They were promise that they would be part of constitutional republic. They were promised representative government that obeyed the will of the people. They were promise a rule of law that doesn’t play favorites. They were promise fair courts. All those things seem to be questionable for Scrantonians. Seriously, Why? Why do the people of Scranton have to pay for this? The city of Scranton is in tatters. The roads are horrible. Businesses close routinely due to excessive taxation. There are no good paying jobs in the city. The city is filled with crime, drug abusers and people abusing welfare. If the Scranton government is supposed to represent the people of Scranton, how is it that the city is in such horrible shape and the only people who are making a fine living are the police and firemen? 38% of the Scranton population lives on a fixed income. The average fixed income is $15,000 a year. In what world is it ok to tax senior citizens and give it to government employees. The Scranton government budget shows 80% of the operating budget going to government employee compensation(here). There is no money going into the City of Scranton. No capital works projects, development, innovation, ideas, nothing!

Civil Disobedience

The list of atrocities committed by the Scranton government is endless. There isn’t a day that goes by when don’t I find out a new way the Scranton government milks the people of Scranton. Do the politically connected who are taking tax payer money even live in the city of Scranton? Do they even spend money in the city? What an insult! The people of Scranton are well in the rights to boycott the Scranton government and protest it. Anyone who claims that this travesty of a government should be supported is lacking a moral compass. The people of Scranton should make calls to the Department of Justice daily. How many firemen and policemen are really disabled? There needs to be an investigation to what is exactly happening in this city. To figure out just how come all the surrounding areas are prospering but Scranton remains blighted. A city that is so close to so much and has so much going for it really should not be this impoverished.  Bring the Scranton government to court (here).Scrantonians should create a legal fund and sue the Scranton government into oblivion. Get back every dollar that this government has unjustly taken!

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