Scranton’s Shrinking Tax base

The city of Scranton is seeking to lift its self out of dire financial problems without the one ingredient it would need to accomplish such a task- a tax base. The tax base of Scranton has shrunk to the point where it becomes questionable how in the world the Scranton government thinks it can run this city. When lawyers and other professionals cannot make 100k, but cops and policemen do, you really have to wonder if the city is not being purposely run to the ground.

Young Professionals Need Not Apply

The downtown area of Scranton has young professionals who all agree that living in Scranton is “no no”. Instead, they live in the surrounding areas because it is far more cheaper to live in those places. In addition, they do not have to contend with all the drugs, crime and poverty that is rampant in Scranton. The Scranton government figures that instead of fixing their horrible policies, they could just tax commuters. One business owners told me that he wants to leave but no one will buy his building. According to this source, if he sold the building that he purchased 30 years ago, he would have to settle for less than he paid for it. Can you imagine!? The building has not appreciated in value in 30 years! What is worse is that it has declined from its initial value. Why would anyone want to invest in this sort of situation? The Scranton government wants to milk the people of Scranton bone dry and young professionals know this

File Bankruptcy

The city of Scranton has a horrible taxation problem that can easily be fixed through applying for bankruptcy. This will free up some capital and permit them to restructure their debts. They can then lower taxes, making the city more attractive for investment and habitation.  The bankruptcy would permit Scrantonians to obtain much needed tax relief they so desperately need; After all, Disposal income is the main driver of economic progress. The more of it that is spent in this city, the more jobs will be created.  The only reason that the city of Scranton refuses to do the right thing, and file for bankruptcy, is because the Scranton government is afraid of the unions. The unions have quite amount of explaining to do when you see the number of former policemen and firemen on workers compensation(here). Why should the people of Scranton pay with the blood of their veins to a government that allows such nonsense? Again, the people of Scranton shouldn’t give the Scranton government a nickel until it demonstrates some accountability. Let the pensioners pay back the pensions they have been paid. Make those former government employees on workers compensation, prove that they were justified in retiring early.  The Scranton government should be ashamed of itself for permitting this sort of injustice to continue. The people of Scranton should not be on the hook for contracts and dealings that had nothing to do with them. If the unions do not want bankruptcy, they should come up with the 400 million dollars that the city owes. Leave the rest of Scranton alone!

4 thoughts on “Scranton’s Shrinking Tax base

    • Are you really citing business insider as a “factual” source? You have to be kidding me. Furthermore, if you are proposing that Scranton is not corrupt, full of neptoism, malfeasance and other machinations, please feel free to not comment because I do not have the time, or patience, to indulge such delusions. If you look at Scranton ,and the only problem you see is this blog, I seriously question your moral compass, rectitude and cognitive ability. It is obvious what is going on this city! Turning a blind eye to it is akin to endorsing it. Have more of a spine! In the face of such towering injustice, you want me to be civil and give a cogent explanation concerning my position? Wow, unbelievable..

    • This ranking was based on population increase. It has nothing to do with the financial health. How many job creating companies have moved into the city vs. The number who went out of business or moved due to the over-taxation?

  1. I’m leaving. I’ll probably lose money when I sell my house but I’m done throwing good money after bad. Waiting for this city to turn itself around is like continuing to play a losing slot machine because “it’s gonna hit soon it’s been losing so long” Soon the only people living in scranton will be the city employees that are mandated to.

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