The Scranton Government Needs Transparency

A great deal goes on in the Scranton government that is beyond questionable. The fire sale of public utilities occurs with little input from the public. In addition, there is little transparency involved in these transactions. The people of Scranton paid to have these public assets created, what right does the Scranton government have to sell them?


The Government of Scranton seems to have a very interesting relationship with the non-profits that dot the city of Scranton. Recently, the public garage was sold to a “non-profit”.  Why would a “non-profit” purchase a parking garage? Where does a “non-profit” gets the financing to purchase such a large project? Furthermore, what organization has a special interest in making parking available to the public? This is where public records come in and it will be interesting to find out who exactly sits on the board of these “Non-profits”. How much money is the city of Scranton losing because so many Non-profits own real estate that could be in the hands of private enterprises who create jobs and create wealth?

More Taxes and Fees

The Scranton government should level with the people of Scranton and come clean about its dealings. The Scranton government is rife with all sorts of activities that do not make any sense. The city supposedly has no money, but it able to find ways to pay firemen and policemen 100k. The pensions are underfunded but retirees are still getting their pensions. The contracts giving to government pensioners were unreasonable in the first place, but there is no talk of revision. Truly, one look at this city and it is obvious that the Scranton government does not know how to run a city. What’s the point of the Scranton government existing if it cannot do basic things? The people of Scranton frequently complain about the excessive taxation in the city and yet nothing is done. The economic environment of the city is deplorable and yet nothing is done. In all honesty, the people of Scranton can do without the services of the Scranton government. In fact, it would save the people of Scranton much more money if the Scranton government dissolved. That would give Scrantonian far more disposal income to spend in the city and attract commuters into to city to do business. Not to mention, there would be no more back door political deals that are based on favors, nepotism and other things.

Free The Scranton People

The people of Scranton derive little benefit from supporting the Scranton government. This leads to one conclusion, protesting the Scranton government through boycott. The fascinating thing is that so many people who live in the downtown Scranton area already do this. Most of them do not leave in Scranton. They live in The Abington, Clark Summit, Dickson, Taylor, etc.. If the lawyers, entrepreneurs, and professors who work in the city, will not live in this city and support the Scranton government, why should the remaining Scrantonians do so?

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