More Reasons To Boycott The Scranton Government

When you have a house and your only means of revenue is pawning valued items, you really have to question your financial situation. The same is true for governments, but do not look to the Scranton government to admit that it needs to declare bankruptcy, reign in on spending and cut cost. That would be far too reasonable. Instead, the Scranton government is selling off the public garage for $28 million(here)- a drop in the bucket when all things are considered.

Where Does The Money Go?

What does the Scranton government do with all the money they obtain from the sale of these public assets? What is up with these non-competitive bids that they gladly accept? Seriously, who is paying the Scranton government to make such outlandish deals? A glance at the budget shows that most of the money going to the government goes to government employee compensation (here). This means that there is no money left for things like paying into the underfunded pensions. This is why we at Save Scranton strongly advocate refusing to pay anything to the Scranton government until the people of Scranton’s demands are met. The political back door dealings that are all to common place in Scranton is a disgrace. The city is dying and the government has absolutely no solutions besides having a “garage sale”.

Let the Scranton Government Solve Its Own Problems

The Scranton government created the fiscal crisis it is now facing. The unions were all to happy to accept contracts that never had a chance of being fundable. Misappropriation within the government of Scranton is rampant and no one can say for sure what happens to the money going into the Scranton government. The Scranton government should not be looking to fix their problems by placing burdens on the backs of the Scranton people. The people of Scranton have it hard enough with a depressed economic landscape that is due the excessive taxes imposed by the Scranton government. Why should the people of Scranton pay taxes when their houses are plummeting in value? I was told by a Scrantonain the other day that her home she purchased for $45,000, thirty years ago, has a market value of only $50,000! Can you believe such a travesty! There are no good jobs in the area. The streets are littered with potholes and abandoned buildings are everywhere. Why are the Scranton people paying for this sort of performance? The Scranton people are not responsible for the mistakes of the Scranton government. And the unions need to honestly fess up to the fact that they voted in the very politicians that underfunded their pensions. As far as the rest of Scranton is concerned, this is a union and Scranton government problem- leave the people of the Scranton out of it. Thus, we say to the people of Scranton, keep your money in your wallet. Do not pay the Scranton of government anything until it becomes responsive to the needs of the people. The people want jobs, clean roads, lower taxes and a government that isn’t doing back door deals!

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