Scranton’s Wake up Call

I think that Scranton could benefit from a great deal of tourism. This could bring in a great deal of economic activity as well as much needed media exposure to the Scranton area. The tourist can come to take a gander of the city that is Scranton. They will meet the wonderful people of Scranton, who are warm, kind and friendly. The tourist will have a great time as long as they do not ask the residents how they feel about being in Scranton.

Scrantonians hate Scranton

Many cities have pride in their own city. The people of Scranton are quite the exception to this rule. Of course, when you understand what goes on in Scranton, it is hard to blame the people who live here for feeling the way they do. They hate Scranton because Scranton is one of the most corrupt cities in the country(here). It is a city where city council sessions are parade of citizens telling the city councilman that they are scum. The city has rampant poverty, drugs, and crime. The police officers can make 100k in the city while there are hardly any jobs that pay anything close to that. Yes, in Scranton the best way to create jobs is to raise taxes and fees to give higher compensation to government employees. This results in a lack of opportunity for the rest of the city. The tourist will quickly learn that there is stark inequality in Scranton between the government haves and the worker class have nots(here). The most important thing in Scranton is who you know and how politically connected you are(here). In other words, Scranton is like a medieval kingdom.

Tourist will hate Scranton

Once tourist get a chance to hear how much Scrantonians hate Scranton. They may begin to search the internet where they will see the Facebook page Scranton Sucks as well as the website Save Scranton. There, they will hear tales of high taxes, corruption, incompetence and general malaise .This will probably prompt the tourist to complain and… wait..on second thought. Yes! Let’s bring tourist to Scranton. Scranton is a great for tourism. I especially recommended we go for college students from Ivy League universities. They are quite wealthy and always looking for interesting experiences. In fact, I have some contacts in Columbia, Princeton and Yale. It wouldn’t be a problem to reach out to them a set up a program where they could come to visit Scranton and do volunteer work.

Forget the 1st 2/3rd of this Article

Yes, we need more people to come to Scranton. It will be great for people to see just what exactly goes on in Scranton and why it is such a failing city. The hope is that if enough people come to this city, they will be alarmed and angry enough to begin doing something about it. We as Save Scranton have long said that the reason that Scranton is the way it is because most Americans do not know what is going on in this city. Let’s open up the gates and let the world take a look in this place

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