What local Scrantonians have to say

Here are some quotes from local Scrantonians:

“How about the welfare state that is Scranton? I can say almost every time I go to a supermarket, the person in front of me is paying for a HUGE order with their Access card. Makes me sick.”

“Thank you very much for bringing all the corruption going on in Scranton to the public so they can be informed.   It seems our city is  operating  to feed the UNIONS….It was uncovered last week a number of our Scranton Police Officers  have  not paid their trash fees for years….one bill was in excess of $10,000.  Steve Corbit talked about this on his radio show last week.We have city depts who do not do their jobs the way they should.  They have very little follow up on what they are doing day to day.  ..They think the people  of Scranton are all stupid, but they are in for a surprise.  We have many people moving here from other states and they are bright. They are taking issue with the current policies in place as they observe they are ineffective…it is however a hard wall to crack….I have had personal experience so I know first hand, but I don’t give up.Our police dept don’t enforce ordinances  because they don’t even know them..LOL…I had to go thru 5 officers regarding  an ordinance that wasn’t being enforced, even though it carried large fines if broken…Finally one officer agreed it was being broken and enforced it..”

“I moved out of scranton 2 years ago. I will never be moving back. The last draw was opening my front door and having 2 people doing a drug buy infront of my kids. Scranton new name to me is hell. Come on are they really going tax rain? When it comes from mother natural?”

“This city never changes, its who you know and how much can you steal!!”

“The city has done nothing for its citizens.  Streets are deplorable, taxes are constantly being raised and seniors cannot afford to live.  Where does the money go? I guess we have to stop paying taxes and force the city into bankruptcy.  Maybe some of the good old boys will finally come to their senses.  Time for the people of Scranton to take back our city and make it flourish again.”

“I am refusing to pay taxes for 2016. I am tired of this welfare government. I will not pay for Courtright to get a raise. If he wants more money he should ask Denaples to write him a check. My property value fell 60% over the past few years and they want more money! I can’t even sell my house. No one wants to buy in a political climate like scranton. Use the money that you stole from us. I have no more money to give.  Someone needs to put a stop to these bastards!”

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