Boycott the Scranton government

We founded this country with the bold notion that governments are supposed to express the will of the people. The Scranton government is funded by the people and supported by the people. It does not generate any revenue nor provide the framework for Scranton’s prosperity. This is verified by simply examining this deteriorating city. The government does not help local businesses, artists, or the community. It does not create policies that promote prosperity nor does it have any clue on the current trends in the marketplace. Its technology is old and its ideas are antiquated. The Scranton government is a sorry excuse for a functioning institution and the Scranton people would be better off if it collapsed altogether. I mean Scranton is already riddled with drugs, crime, dropping home values, and non-existent job opportunities.

Why pay taxes?

Why should the people of Scranton continue to pay for services that hardly amount to any benefits for the people of Scranton? Scrantonians pay property taxes but property values continue to plummet. Scranton business owners pay “business privilege” taxes but see no increased traffic to the city. Scranton commuters pay taxes to visit a city that hardly has any amenities or shops. The cultural aspect of the Scranton area receives no support by the local government. Nearly any effort to attempt to do something in this city is met with hostility or indifference by the local government. Why pay for this government to continue to operate? Let it go broke. Let it go to receivership. Let it make national headlines so that the federal government investigates this place. It would be awesome to have news networks descend on this city and see how corrupt it is. The people of Scranton can then freely express what they say all the time about Scranton: how it is a place “where dreams go to die”, how it is the most “corrupt place in America.” How the city only benefits the politically connected.

Fear drives the city

The only reason anyone in Scranton puts up with paying taxes and other nonsense is because of fear. Scrantonians are afraid of being harassed by the local government. Fear of the consequences of opposing the status quo. The taxes that are paid in the city are more like extortion. But here is a news flash: if enough people in Scranton refuse to pay taxes, there is nothing the status quo can do! The people of Scranton number in the thousands while the status quo numbers in the dozens. There is no way that they can stand up to a collective force. Our unity is our greatest strength and if we stand together there is nothing they can do. This is what has been demonstrated time and time again, when people stood up to corruption. This is how this country was founded in the first place! It is our heritage to oppose injustice and fight for our rights. Supporting a “do-nothing” government has done nothing for this city.

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  1. This article is well written. I agree 100 percent with the views of the author. We need change in Scranton. Ever heard the old saying “hit em where it hurts, in their pockets”

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