Quality of Life Ordinances = Nuisance

Living in Scranton is basically like fighting a long battle of mistreatment at the hands of a corrupt government. If it weren’t enough to deal with the laundry list of problems in Scranton(here), there is yet another way for the Scranton government to make sure they make life miserable for Scrantonians.

“Quality of Life”

Yep. In a city with broken roads, boarded up businesses and blighted homes, you have “laws” that are concerned with quality of life. You would think that quality of life would involve job creation, capital works projects, lowering taxes and incentivizing prosperity, but that would make waaay too much sense. No, in Scranton “quality of life” means that your grass is too tall or your garbage wasn’t put out properly you get fined. Yes, in a city with dwindling prospects, this is what gets the attention of the Courtright Administration. I mean it is obvious that grass isn’t a problem in Scranton. I mean forget the shrinking population; we need to focus on the grass. This would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Scranton is more like Russia than anything that would remind someone of an American city. At least in Russia, they do not pretend to care what the citizens think. You can even come to appreciate the honesty of a country like Russia.

Incompetence is not a crime

It has been said that the Scranton government is incompetent and being incompetent is not a crime. Yeah, I don’t think anyone in Scranton really believes that the Scranton government cares about grass. The truth is that the Scranton government is trying to squeeze every penny it can out of Scrantonians. There may be places in America that are more expensive but I doubt that those places are deteriorating as rapidly as Scranton is. When a city begins saying that jobs in the mall are a sign of economic improvement, you know you have a serious problems.

Confronting the Beast

All of these nuisance laws stem from the unavoidable truth that the Scranton government is illegitimate. It has long since lost any attachment to the Scranton people or the sovereign will. It is wholly beholden to private interest and secret factions. As one councilman told me, a secret political society controls the government and makes sure the government follows its mandates. It would be great if this city council could go on the record and say this to the public.  The press would love to hear the story he told me. The story about how the Scranton government doesn’t respond to the will of the people but to this secret political society. This is the kind of stuff that the attorney general or DOJ would love to hear. I wonder how the person who told me this sleeps at night. If you know that your country is being ruined by a bunch of traitors, you have a duty to expose this. I guess not everyone has the sort of morality that champions truth and justice. A pity!



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