Knowledge Is Power

It is striking that we believe that money is more important than knowledge. History should demonstrate that money or wealth cannot stop innovation, invention or ideas. Cortez was able to take over the vastly wealthy Mayan empire because he had more knowledge and better skill. Apple, Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, Samsung, Tesla etc.. all beat their rivals not by having more money but better ideas.

Get knowledge

People often discount things that they have not attempted. You will often hear people claim that exercise or fitness doesn’t work even if they have not meaningfully attempted to exercise. What you often see is a person attempting some random physical activity and then discounted the entire process because it doesn’t “work”. The same can be said for knowledge as a whole. How many people can honestly say that they are knowledgeable enough to solve their own problems? The truth is the only thing that money gives people is the ability to obtain knowledge easier. What does a rich person do beside hire people who have knowledge to do a certain task? Rich people hire lawyers to defend their legal interest. What does a lawyer have? Knowledge of the law and the skill to apply it effectively. The rich person will hire a financial advisor to make his investments. What does a financial advisor have? Knowledge of the financial markets. Now, we as a society like to believe that the knowledge that these people possess is not available to the rest of us, but that is 100% not true. We can take courses online, certifications online, watch tutorials, and even go to meet ups to learn skills at discounted rates. In today’s age, everyone can obtain knowledge about anything they want. Then what is stopping us from being empowered through knowledge?


The worst thing anyone can do is make excuses for themselves. They will start a dangerous cycle which will end with them stopping before they even try. Today, we have the greatest availability of information in the history of mankind but it is not accessed by everyone. The reason we do not access this information is because of our own complacency. We like to believe there is some magic to success. We like to believe there is a short cut to obtaining the things we want in life. The notion that hard work and resilience is the most important factor to success is something that seems off to many of us. The truth is that we no longer believe that we are capable of effecting change around us. As humans, we are the greatest beings on this planet but we do not believe in our own power to change our surroundings. If we look at the world around us, we know that people have built everything we see. The people who built those things were no different than us. They obtained knowledge and applied to astonishing affect. Therein lays the secret. Get knowledge and be proactive. And while you’re at it, Save Scranton!

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