Another one bites the dust

The deteriorating economic situation in Scranton makes it very challenging for businesses to succeed. This is plain to see from the countless boarded up businesses that dart the downtown area. We have news that another business has closed its doors in the downtown Scranton area (here).

A Sinking Ship

The lack of foot traffic in the downtown Scranton area is felt by every local business in downtown Scranton. This is made worst by the excessive taxes that the city levies on already struggling businesses. You would think that the local government would encourage businesses, especially the newer small businesses. Instead, you have a government that is completely unresponsive to the demands of the Scranton business community. Scranton local businesses bring commerce, traffic and revenue into the city. They should not have to put up with outrageous fees to operate in a dying city; This only makes the situation worst. The Status quo has successfully destroyed another small business. Good Work!

Fighting The Tide

Nothing will change in Scranton while the status quo is firmly entrenched. It is obvious that the people who are in the Scranton government do not care what the people of Scranton think. There is this overwhelming delusion that Scranton can thrive while being hampered by a political machine that is all too fine with doling out kickbacks to friends and families. THERE ARE HARDLY ANY JOBS IN THIS CITY! In order to make it in this city, you will have to contend with the complete lack of quality of life that is due to rampant corruption. Corruption that is so rampant that no one kids themselves that it doesn’t exist. It has become such a way of life in the NEPA area that they consider it a part of the Scrantonian experience. This sort of thinking will only result in more financial turmoil and chaos. The local government has already sold the parking meters, sewer authority, and garages. They are literally holding the citizens hostage because no one will buy the deteriorating houses that are all over Scranton.

Saying No!

The people of Scranton need to simply say no. Say no to the taxes and fees. Let the government of Scranton come up with the money to fund their debts. Let them find a solution to the problem they created without shaking down local Scranton businesses and home owners. Even commuters are on the hook by having to pay a ridiculous commuter tax. Seriously, why would anyone in the right mind put up with all of this if they have other options? The Scranton government is making it so hard to live in this city that it is no wonder that none of the graduating students want to stay in Scranton post graduation. The city is going to continue to dwindle unless bold action is taken. We need to come together as a people and let the government know we have had enough. Say no to the Scranton government! Say no to any taxes.  #Savescranton

3 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. May I suggest an actual, detailed and viable plan, as opposed to the naive suggestion of ‘saying no’ to paying taxes as an attempt at eliciting change? My own business would absolutely fail were I to be sentenced to prison for tax evasion if I said ‘no’ as this article suggests. If my business were in Scranton, I would absolutely get onboard with a legitimate call to action based on an actual, researched and applicable strategy. All I see here, however, is a litany of complaints with ‘just say no’ as the only suggested solution. That didn’t work for Nancy Reagan, I doubt it will draw clientele to Scranton.

    My plan was to move out of Scranton and open my business in Dunmore, however, The Bog, Loyalty barber shop, Embassy Vinyl, Northern Lights cafe, The Irish Wolf, Sal’s pizza, Thai Rak Thai, Osaka, Lavish, Posh, Coney Island, Steamtown Cigar Club and many others seem to have managed to survive and thrive in Scranton. Perhaps it’s less a Scranton-wide issue, rather a localized issue pertaining to specific business owners?

    • No one was trying to “trifle” with you. And it is clear from your remarks that I and the rest of scrantonians are mistaken. There is no corruption in scranton. This place is awesome.Everyone is ecstatic to live here. The threatening emails I get from the “establishment” is just someone playing tricks. The idea that taxes are levied on people who can’t sell their homes is unfounded. Double pension payments are just tall-tales. Police officers and firemen making a 100k and retiring early is just the scranton way. The mercantile tax isn’t a problem and businesses should be happy to be able to operate in scranton. Selling the sewer authority is a great idea. We should definitely rely on federal funds because those funds will not possibly get mismanaged. I am sorry I am not taken seriously. I mean I am completely way off base for even hinting at anything being wrong with Scranton- Thank you for correcting me. We should just let the status quo remain in power and turn a blind eye to it. We can pretend it doesn’t exist. Instead, we will just make art. Yes, art will save scranton.

      • So… still no ideas as to how to change any of this? That’s what my original comment addressed; your total lack of strategy, yet myriad complaints.

        You have made some interesting assumptions about what I think. Especially considering I made no mention of taxes, save pointing up the absurdity of your suggestion of not paying them.

        I didn’t use the word ‘corruption’ in any context, let alone denying it.

        The phrase ‘sewer authority’ is nowhere within the body of my comments, nor are pensions of any sort referred to.

        However, as for police and fire fighters, although I did not mention their salaries, nor was I asked my opinion, I intend to make it known, regardless: one hundred thousand dollars a year to protect our lives and homes doesn’t even begin reflect the value of their service. It’s impossible for police and fire fighters to be overpaid in my estimation. But that is mere opinion and entirely subjective.

        To continue; I never so much as intimated disagreement as to the current state of the city, nor it’s financial or political issues.

        I made no statements of allegiance to the current government nor to conformity to the status quo.

        The only ‘correcting’ I took part in was directed at your deplorable grammar.

        The only mention I made of art was stating that through my involvement in the arts, I had established friendships with the proprietors of many of the businesses I mentioned, thus affording me exclusive insight as to how well their business may be fairing.

         In turn, I only made mention of business known to me to be successful in order to illustrate that thriving within Scrantons borders is, indeed, NOT an impossibility, despite your insistence to the contrary.

        The only party that I reckon is turning a blind eye is you, sir. Turning a blind eye towards my singular and persistent inquiry: what is your plan to change things, besides the ill advised duo of chapter 9 and tax evasion?

        Your abilities at projecting blame, double talk and evading direct questioning suggests you have a bright future in Scranton politics. You really should consider running for office.

        But then, that would be putting your money where your mouth is, wouldn’t it? Although, complaining loudly while doing nothing would assure you’d fit right in.

        I’m sure you have a plethora of justifications of why you ‘can’t’ run for office. After all, it’s only the most logical place to take a shot at ACTUALLY doing something to initiate real change. Then what would you have to idly complain about?

        Reply at your leisure or not at all. It makes little difference to me, as I shan’t be returning to read it. Your folly has wasted more than enough of my time.

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