The Future For Scranton Is More Taxes and Fees

The Scranton government wants to milk Scranton until it’s bone dry. They want to make sure that the hard working Americans in Scranton completely penniless. Scranton is already filled with poverty. Crime and drugs run rampant. And to top it off, the Scranton government wants to add on more fees and taxes to the Scranton people

Extra Fees and Taxes

As if it weren’t enough to pay mercantile taxes, property taxes, commuter taxes, garbage fees, sewer fees, and the myriad of licensing that are forced on the Scranton people, now you will be charged extra for garbage. Why is this happening? Well, the Scranton government functions very much like a business and wants to profit at the expense of the Scranton people. How do they profit you ask? They profit by creating ridiculous laws that robs the Scranton people of their hard earned money. In the past, we would have called this tyranny or mob like activity. The government of Scranton is more like a criminal enterprise than a governing body. Who in their right mind would believe that the people of Scranton want all these taxes and fees? The government is supposed to be responsive to the people. The government is supposed to answer to the people. The Scranton government only answers to its self and the people who control it.

Stop Paying Taxes and Fees

Seriously, Scrantonians should not pay any fees and taxes until the Scranton government shows signs of progress. And when I say progress, I do not mean selling public assets so that government employees can have more money. Scrantonians should boycott the Scranton government and let it go bankrupt. The business owners, property owners and local people should refuse to pay anything until the Scranton government lower taxes. The people of Scranton did not create this mess with the pensions. Why should the people of Scranton have to bail out the Scranton government? Besides, if we are going to be honest, wasn’t it the unions who voted for these politicians in the first place? Why should poor old ladies have to be taxed to death to support a government that had no business making contracts with government employees that they could never afford? The people of Scranton need to say no!


The people of Scranton have endured enough. Everyone in this city has a job but it appears that the government of Scranton thinks only  people who are affiliated with the local government matter. There is no reason why the 38% of Scrantonians who are living on a fixed income should be supporting a evil and corrupt government. This is unjust and morally evil. In what world is it okay to exploit the poor and old. Again, my prayers are for the families that have to make sacrifices so that Scranton’s government employees can make 100k. Who needs to worry about ISIS when we have homegrown tyranny this side of the boarder?

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