Living In The Past

There is a link between success, progress and adapting to new changes. Anyone familiar with history will know that this is obvious. Sadly, we see that there are times when civilizations, cities or countries fail to modernize and get left in the dust. Why?

Moving Forward

There should be no reason that in the information age any American city should not be up-to-date in current trends in technology, business, and culture. Nevertheless, cities like Scranton strike you as a place that is trapped in the past. Now, if you speak to the residents, you will find a group of warm and kind people who are open to change. So where is this lack of progress coming from? Well, the people in power in Scranton have a fear that any change will result in a loss of their power. Thus, they make the same mistake that many poor countries make. They think that they can horde wealth for themselves, keep their citizens poor, and no one will be the wiser. The problem with this notion is that the world passes you by in the meantime and you eventually come to a situation where your wealth evaporates. People will say that this is not the case, but a study regarding the fall of any empire will show you what happens when you fail to adapt. Thus, the people in power in Scranton may come to believe that their power is firmly entrenched, but once this city collapses, they will need to find another place to exploit. The question now would be who in their right minds would let the greedy incompetents who ruined Scranton come to their city to do the same thing? A reputation is an important thing. Who wants a reputation for being a screw up?

The Scranton Dilemma

Scranton seems steeped in the idea that things never change. Yes, that may have been the case in places like Scranton, but it is definitely not the case for the rest of the country. Now, we can answer honestly why there are little economic prospects in Scranton. The sort of environment that creates growth is one that requires the acceptance of new and different ideas. Dedication to the status quo literally kills a culture and civilization. America has this notion that there are no jobs in this country because the jobs went to China or Mexico. What no one ever says is why we just can’t create new jobs? How did the jobs that left get there in the first place? It was through invention, innovation, experiment and implementing good ideas. The same thing can happen to Scranton again, but first the powers that be must be removed. After all, all of Scranton is in agreement that the ol’ boys network has no interest in the prosperity of the Scranton people. The sort of people who could take advantage of an entire city is the sort of people this country could do without. It would be great if we could just vote people out of the country like they used to do in ancient Greece.

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