Greed Has Destroyed Scranton

As I speak to local residents, one thing becomes certain. Scranton’s legacy has been of a once booming town that is now down on its luck and getting worst due to greed. Where cops and firemen make 100k only to retire by claiming disability, only to then work in the prisons(receiving two paychecks), the city of Scranton that is steeped in a culture of greed.

Greed Gone To Far

I was asked the other day if I would take a job that offered a great salary, but at the expense of tax payers. The obvious answer is no. It isn’t because I am some saint. The reason behind my refusal is that such behavior is self-defeating. If the city I work for goes bankrupt, what happens to my salary and benefits? Local government workers are under this delusion that their pension obligations are fixed. Really? If the local government doesn’t have any money, where will the money come from to bail Scranton out. The state of Pennsylvania has its own pension crisis. Scranton will sooner be liquidated before the state gets involved. Wait! That is already happening!

A Remedy to Greed

We have to come to terms that greed has brought the city of Scranton to its knees. Whether its through government workers getting overly generous contracts or government contracts being doled out to friends, the city of Scranton is rampant with nepotism and malfeasance. In order to save this city, these sorts of dealings must stop. Of course, the people in power do not want to lose their power but even they are looking at it this situation the wrong way. How does Scranton being richer and more prosperous threaten anyone in power? My theory is that the powers that be in Scranton are so backward that they do not see how they stand to benefit from a thriving city. They want to keep Scranton alive just enough so that they can continue stealing from it. The only problem with this is that you cannot steal forever, eventually you run out of money to steal.

Scranton Poverty

The city of Scranton is teaming with poor people. To make matters worse, more poor people are pouring into the country to live on the system. Thus, Scranton is by every definition a failed city. The misery that is all around this city is obvious. Not to mention that Scrantonians are the first to tell you that Scranton sucks. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t have to suck. The City of Scranton does not have to succumb to greed. The people of Scranton can say with one voice that they have had enough of the status quo. After all, this is all I hear from Scrantonians in the street. There isn’t a day that goes by when I do not hear a Scrantonian complaining about being in Scranton or the fact that Scranton is so corrupt. Yes, the corruption in Scranton has destroyed this city.

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