I’m Leaving Scranton

The other day I ran into a friend of mine who happens to be a bright resident at a local Scranton hospital. She is the sort of person you want staying in Scranton but all she could complain about was the high taxes. She plans on moving because she says living in Scranton is far too expensive for her.

Taxes Gone Mad

Why is the Taxes in Scranton so high? What do the high taxes go to? job creation, fixing up roads, bringing in businesses or modernizing the city? No! If you take a look at the budget you will see that taxes go to government employee compensation.(here) Alright, let’s be clear, everyone in this country works for their hard earned money. Why does the Scranton government get to tax hard working Scrantonians to pay their salaries? Especially, When the Scranton government has done nothing to make the city even remotely attractive to investment or new transplants. The excessive taxes that make it difficult to live in an already ruined city. Businesses are failing left and right. And I have still yet to find a college student who wants to stay in Scranton post graduation. The uniform feeling among Scrantonians is that Scranton is a place where dreams go to die. The general feeling of malaise is borne from the unmistakable reality that the political machine, confederate of dunces, behind the Scranton government is hell-bent on destroying the city.

Common Sense

Good sense would dictate that it is impossible for the government of Scranton to tax itself out of it financial crisis. The powers that be know that Scranton is on its way to the dumpster so they want to milk it for all its worth before that happens. This means the will sell everything and pocket as much tax payer money as possible before the ship ultimately sinks. The sad truth about this is that all of this can be avoided. The city of Scranton can choose to grow and prosper. The city of Scranton can create conditions to create prosperity by lowering taxes and incentivizing business development. This means jobs and more opportunity. What could possibly be better than that?

Clock is Ticking

The national election has brought several truths to light that have been a long time coming. The people of America are tired of the status quo that occurs in government. Scranton is probably one of the best examples of how the ol’ boys network has ruined this nation. Greed and selfishness has chased away prosperity from our nation because instead of serving the people, governments like Scranton serve greedy crooks lurking in the shadows. This is why people say Scranton Sucks! This is why everyone complains about living in Scranton. The first thing you hear from a Scrantonian is that no one comes to Scranton on purpose. How can this city ever survive when even its own residents feel this way about it? It is high time we turn the page of Scranton’s sordid past and embrace a new vision of prosperity through decisive action. Declare Bankruptcy!


One thought on “I’m Leaving Scranton

  1. How about 12 years of mismanagement by the past mayor? No mention of that. Looking at all the tags above. The author of this is all for good pay but obviously not for unions with all the pension reform tags. Maybe it is the big business running this country and the fact that Scranton’s current mayor is trying to clean up 12 years of another mayors mess and to be honest more than 2 decades of past mayor’s.
    It is easy to blame the unions and government workers but look at the Carrier company that just left Indiana for Mexico. They said they would stay if the union agreed to take no benefits at all. No Healthcare, no retirement, nothing also if they agreed to work for 5.85 an hour. So author of the article maybe it’s not the government worker but the mismanagement for decades of city council and past mayor’s.
    Or, maybe your just for big business and believe the only people who should make money are the few on top of big business. Either way none of us feel we get paid what we are worth but don’t blame the workers for every mistake the leaders make.
    Maybe the minimum wage should be lowered and everyone in America make the same wage regardless of job position or title. Pension reform my ass. How about welfare reform. How about reforming our political structure. Institute term limits for all politicians from City, Borough, Township, politicians to state and federal, 4 years max.
    To much damage can be done by politicians in eight years.
    Or pick a different topic to write about how little girls and boys now have to worry about grown men and women can walk into any restroom. Just another reason America is lacking a backbone. Willing to stand up for pension reform but not against what’s morally right because your gonna offend a minority or people who identify as another sex. WTF is wrong with people.
    Have a nice day be safe.

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