What’s Wrong With The City Of Scranton?

There are many well meaning Scrantonians who believe that they can make Scranton prosperous through their own efforts. This is the case for many of the entrepreneurs, artist, and organizers who love this city and want to see it get better. I enthusiastically applaud their efforts and intentions. Progress is an amazing thing, and something we should all encourage. But in order for progress to happen there needs to be nothing blocking it.

The Corrupt Scranton Government

The Scranton government is built on a legacy of the ol’ boys club that seeks to consolidate power through the use of the local government. This is why the policies of the Scranton government only benefit those who are affiliated with the government .  Any progress that will upset the status quo will be met with hostility and disruption. Therefore, how can the city of Scranton possibly prosper and progress under these conditions? Big businesses and bright young people will never want to make Scranton home when they have to deal with sewer fees, garbage fees, blighted home, boarded up businesses,harassment, incompetence and sky high taxes. The corrupt Scranton government basically makes Scranton Cancerous to the rest of America.

Making A Deal With The Devil

We need to be honest with ourselves. There is no way to Save Scranton without confronting the fact that corruption has ruin this city. Raising taxes on tax payers to give to government officials doesn’t produce any industry! In order to have economic growth, people need money in their pockets. What money is there in Scranton when jobs stay clear of this place because of excessive taxation and residents have little money to spend because of the same excessive taxation? The obvious thing for the Scranton government to do is lower taxes, cut cost and implement initiatives that will make the city stronger. The problem with these ideas is that it doesn’t help the devils that are behind the scenes milking this city dry. The people of Scranton need to know that there is no way to save this city while the corrupt ol’ boys network is in place.

Saving Scranton

The good news is that Scranton can be saved. We know what can save it. The political machine, aka confederate of dunces, that is currently in power needs to be dismantled. This will not be an easy undertaking but with enough elbow grease it will happen. The people of Scranton need to have faith in the power of truth. Once the truth comes out there will be no where for those devils in the shadows to hide. The people of Scranton need to take back their city. It is in the power of the people to reform this city. The people of Scranton are the city of Scranton and it is high time we stop letting the corrupt people in power ruin the reputation of this city. Therefore, we can create art, make businesses and organize anything we want but until we change the culture of the government, it will all be for naught. Carpe Deim!



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