Scranton Needs To Be Investigated For Corruption

The press needs to truly consider investigating Scranton for corruption. The amount of immoral and evil deeds that go on in this city most likely makes angels cry. I would have never believed that there could be Americans who could sink so low or that there could be a place in America that was so un-American. Let’s look at list of the sort of corruption that goes on in Scranton:


Tip of The Iceberg

  1. Raising taxes on the old who hardly have any money
  2. Stealing homes from the poor and defenseless
  3. Allowing children to go hungry
  4. Raising taxes on businesses so they leave taking jobs with them
  5. Allowing government workers to retire early by claiming disability only to then work somewhere else in the government
  6. Extorting money from Scrantonians
  7. Stealing from pensions
  8. Keeping high paying jobs out to avoid competition
  9. Shaking down locals who pose a threat
  10. Paying police officers and firemen $100k while the rest of Scranton is poor
  11. Failing to stave off skyhigh crime and increasing drug usage
  12. Using police vehicles as private transport or personal business
  13. Selling public assets to friends (who own shares in American Water!?)
  14. Having a Journalist in their back pocket… you know who you are!
  15. Keeping the citizens in fear


This is just the stuff that you encounter living in Scranton day to day. If you dig deeper, you will find even more atrocities being committed. The sad thing about Scranton is that corruption has become a way of life here. And its citizens are numb to the oppression. It is almost like the entire city has battered wife syndrome. The people in power are so talentless and incompetent that they really do not know how to make money without being corrupt. I would argue that they could at least copy successful cities, but even that seems too much for them. Thus, we at Save Scranton are going to make sure that enough people know about what is going on in Scranton with hopes that eventually this place gets investigated. We imagine that one day, the rest of the nation sees the corrupt ‘business as usual’ of Scranton and they will be so infuriated and disgusted that they will call for and demand swift justice. It also wouldn’t hurt if the Department of Justice gets involved because I can name plenty of people in Scranton who belong in a federal prison. Of course, I am not the least bit worried because I honestly believe that the truth will ultimately prevail. Sure, darkness may have its time, but all it takes is just a spark to send it fleeing. With this in mind, we already know that there is at least one journalist now investigating the city. I hope this inspires more. Regardless, we would like to tell the residents of Scranton that there are people who are dedicated to making sure that the corrupt dealings of this city become a thing of the past. Scranton will have a better future and I think that Scrantonians should just have a little faith. Prayers do get answered.

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