Embracing The Truth

The people in the Scranton government are holding on to the fate hope that the city of Scranton can avoid going bankrupt. They intend to sell off all the public assets to private interest, levy taxes and fees with the expectation that this will save the city. The reality is that this will do nothing except put the city in worse shape. It may be unpleasant sometimes, but the reality of the situation is clear. The Government of Scranton has failed as a government body and it has no money to discharge its debts. The obvious thing to do in this instance is to file for bankruptcy, but they seem to avoid this obvious solution. It is time we all embrace the truth

Bankruptcy As A Positive thing

The city of Scranton is already considered one of the most corrupt and incompetently managed cities in the country. The residents are well aware of this and know that the reason for this is that the people who control the city want hold on to the shrinking pie of power they possess. Instead of doing the sensible thing and making a bigger pie where everyone can prosper, they desperately want to retain the little bit they have, even if it means ruining an entire American city. Well, from the looks of Scranton, they have done a bang up job. Very few young people ever honestly say they want to purposely live in Scranton. The city is dying and its economic prospect has vanished. It is for this reason that the only hope Scranton has is to do what Detroit did.

Look At Detroit Now

Detroit is doing much better after its bankruptcy because it now has the ability to manage its debts. Furthermore, it can announce to the world that it is serious about cutting cost and growing the economy of its city. Scranton can do the same thing but even better! Given the fact that Scranton is located so close to several major cities, it could be strategically planned to be a commercial hub. This would bring jobs into the city and a great deal of prosperity. That means the tax base will increase and property values would rise. People would come to Scranton to open up businesses, visit, and even commute. Instead of being a dying city, Scranton can be a thriving city. But this will never happen unless the entire city embraces the truth.

Building A City On The Backs Of The Poor

You cannot build a city on the backs of the poor. The city of Scranton has 2/3rds of its population living in poverty. There is no way to obtain enough money to bring the city of Scranton outside its financial hole through taxation, fees, and selling government property. The city of Scranton has the opportunity to be vibrant again. It all starts with stopping the financial bleeding that is happening daily because of the mismanagement of the Scranton government. We need to declare bankruptcy!


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