Scranton Political Machine: What About Me?

Selfishness is truly self defeating. Look at crabs in the barrel. If they actually cooperated with one another they could all escape the fate of being someone’s dinner. Instead, crabs immediately knock another crab down who is about to escape. The politically connected in Scranton function the same way. Holding onto your job while the city fails is a pipe dream. No one in the right mind is going to move into Scranton if they even have a slightly better prospect. Taxes are sky high and the city is going into receivership: how is this a selling point?

High Tide

There is a saying that ‘In high tide, all the ships rise’. This means that when there is prosperity, everyone benefits. Scranton can be prosperous which means that everyone who is currently in Scranton would greatly benefit from it. This would even include the political machine that is currently in control of Scranton. But instead, the group of people who are in charge imagine that they can find another country or city after America fails because the pension crisis is bound to create a cascading effect.() There are 500 municipalities in Pennsylvania that are in distressed status. This means that their pensions are funded below 50%. Just think about the reaction from Wall Street when they find out that Pennsylvania has no money. What will the entire state do then? What is even worse is that government workers will be the first to not only lose their jobs, but their entire pensions as well. There will be no recourse when this happens. And this is not a matter of if, but when. In fact, it can happen this year.

Spineless Politicians

Most politicians are pretty spineless. This is how they usually get into office. They will bow down to anyone willing to fund their coffers. It is for this reason that the politicians in Scranton government do not want to admit the truth. Whether it is from stupidity or just blindness, they are afraid of rocking the boat because of what it will mean for their “career”. Truly, there are few things worse than a career politician…someone who builds their entire legacy on the backs of tax payers and produces nothing of value for society. Politicians produce nothing and yet want to take money from hard working Americans. The people of Scranton are literally being shook down by a mob called the Scranton government. The lack of vision and ability is truly an eyesore and uninspiring. It is clear that the Scranton government only works for the politically connected, but does it have to ruin an American city in the process? Couldn’t they take care of their friends and still do a minimally decent job? I often imagine that this is the reason why they have taken positions connected with the government. This way they never really have to have the talent to produce results in real-time. Good for them, bad for Scranton, and bad for the entire nation along with it.

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