The People of Scranton Rise Up To Fight!

This has been a long time coming. The city of Scranton has been suffering by an incompetent and corrupt government that acts more like a predatory body than an actual government for the people. The end result has been a city with zero prospects, zero economic growth, chronic unhappiness and to top it off excessive taxation on the remaining Scranton residents. The people of Scranton suffer under the crushing burden of taxes and fees.  The Scranton government is hell-bent on destroying this city because of greed and dedication to an ol’ boys network that functions more like a council of villains in a superhero movie. These sorts of shenanigans can only go so far! The people of Scranton has suffered far enough and are ready to bring the fight where it belongs- right at the corrupt Scranton government.

The People Have More Power

The thing every government fears is the idea that one day the people will become so upset that they revolt against it. I am sure that the political machine-or “confederate of dunces” as we like to call them- controlling the Scranton government has members who stay awake a night wondering if the day will ever come when a Ferguson like implosion descends on Scranton! The crazy thing is that the people would be justified. The City of Scranton has become a blight on the face of the nation due to the corrupt policies of the Scranton government that favors the politically connected at the expense of everyone else including the elderly, women, children and vets(here). As far as they are concerned, the entire of city can go poor as long as the politically connected live lavishly(here). OF course, the people of Scranton are well aware of this and have had enough! Recently, A group of Scranton citizens mounted a successful lawsuit against the government of Scranton and won!(here) This has inspired enough residents to come together and create a defense fund to protect Scranton residents from government abuses! Mr. Adam Griffida, the Scranton resident who first brought the class action lawsuit against the Scranton government regarding rental registration, is now leading the effort to establish this legal defense fund to ensure that the people of Scranton can protect themselves from the unjust policies of the Scranton Government. This means that the people of Scranton do not have to fend off menacing attacks from the Scranton government alone. They do not have to worry about the legal fees for protecting their rights and homes. United, the people of Scranton can hold the Scranton government accountable!  Everyone should participate in this effort regardless if you live in Scranton, Pennsylvania because this is the sort of noble effort that sends a message and has the ability to reverberate across the entire nation. To support this bold and just effort, you can donate here

Just The Beginning…

We at Save Scranton are glad that the people of Scranton are beginning to be inspired and begun the effort to take back their city! It is obvious that this election cycle more than any other has demonstrated that the people are tired of the Status quo, the ol’ boys network and business as usual. The establishment has had its day and it is now coming to an end. We will be doubling our efforts to support the Scranton people to insure that the nation watches their courageous effort to root out the sort of corruption that has failed our nation. The Scranton establishment has left Scranton poorer, financially distressed, crumbling and a complete disaster. No more!

4 thoughts on “The People of Scranton Rise Up To Fight!

  1. As a person who grew up in Scranton and now lives 50 miles away, I wish you the best.
    My Dad fought the establishment. He lived the City.
    Good luck

  2. I’m in exile from the corruption in Philadelphia. I found out so much. They tried to kill me in so many ways because I knew. I have severe PTSD and ill from what they did to me but keep writing about it and also have connected with many other targets of corruption. PA is insane with depravity and criminal injustice and political system.

  3. The city has done nothing for its citizens. Streets are deplorable, taxes are constantly being raised and seniors cannot afford to live. Where does the money go? I guess we have to stop paying taxes and force the city into bankruptcy. Maybe some of the good old boys will finally come to their senses. Time for the people of Scranton to take back our city and make it flourish again.

  4. I live in the city so unfortunately I’m unable to donate any $ but can and will do whatever I can to defeat the luminaty.

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