Why Give The Scranton Government Anything

The people of Scranton pay taxes to a government that has proven itself to be without ideas and thoroughly incompetent. Why can’t the people of Scranton simply fire their government? After all, this is America. The people of Scranton should be able to withdraw participation from a government that primarily serves itself. The city is in tatters, jobs are none existent, property values are sinking and the Scranton tax payer pays for all of this. Why?

Rethinking Government

The fact of the matter is that the people of Scranton, nor any American citizen, should not have to tolerate paying for inadequate service. The government of Scranton work for the people of Scranton. What the people of Scranton want is less taxes and more opportunity. If the people in the government cannot perform this, they should do the decent thing and quit. It is only in the public sector where people believe they should keep their jobs even if they fail to perform. This sort of welfare for the government only takes place because the people are unwittingly fronting the bill. The people have to suffer the indignity of paying to have people basically do and accomplish nothing. Can you imagine any enterprise behaving like this in the private sector? Imagine if companies or businesses could get away with not producing a good product or providing adequate service, they would be shut down in no time. But for government this conception is almost none existent. It is a moral failing for someone to believe they are entitle a wage for lack of performance. Everyone in this country has to work in order to pay for all the expenses they have. That work encompasses the performance of task that is absolutely required for them to get their pay checks. The Scranton government lives in some sort of deranged warped reality where people should be compensated for failure.

Getting Toward Excellence

It is clear when you read the headlines of technology, business or finance that much of the talent in our society does not go to government. The amount of innovation and creativity that is found in one tech start-up in silicon valley would make governments like Scranton look like a joke. The people are completely aware of this and this is why they have come to expect next to nothing from their government. The end result of this lackluster performance is the complete degradation of our society. Our very national security and international competitiveness is compromise when local governments like Scranton’s are allowed to exist like parasitic entities that misallocate funds. Can you just imagine the amount of jobs could be created if the tax dollars that went to Scranton when to things like innovation and technology? We always talk about the jobs that left and went to other countries, but we fail to mention how were those jobs created in the first place? Yes, it was ideas and innovations. The truth is governments like Scranton block innovations in order to protect their own selfish interest by maintaining the status quo. Pathetic!



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  1. I am refusing to pay taxes for 2016. I am tired of this welfare government. I will not pay for Courtright to get a raise. If he wants more money he should ask Denaples to write him a check. My property value fell 60% over the past few years and they want more money! I can’t even sell my house. No one wants to buy in a political climate like scranton. Use the money that you stole from us. I have no more money to give. Someone needs to put a stop to these bastards!

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