The Power Of The Vote

Many Scrantonians and Americans believe that voting doesn’t matter. They are lead to believe that no matter what happens some charlatan will get into office to do the bidding of special interest. They will say they have tried to vote in a promising candidate just to be let down once they got into office. If this is truly the case, where does that leave us? Does voting have any significance?

Ballot Is Mightier Than The Bullet

It has been said that the ballot is mightier than the bullet. The power of government pales in comparison to the power of a collective mass of people. This has been demonstrated in the founding of our country, the civil war and other mass demonstrations that brought government to heel. The idea that voting changes nothing is an illusion. The reality is we do not have to wait for politicians to do our bidding. There exist within the charter of Scranton, as well as other municipalities and states, the ability to put forth initiatives and referendums. An initiative is the ability for the people to draft a law themselves and put it to vote by the people! A referendum allows the people to vote down laws without waiting for any government action. With this power, the people can put forth almost any piece of legislation they want. The City Council or Mayor can do nothing if the people decide to vote in an initiative. This is one example of how mighty the vote truly is. If we do not like the sale of the sewer authority then we can make it illegal. If we do not like the budget, we can make it law that an outside auditor from an established independent accounting firm must audit it. These are things we can do with our votes alone. Our Vote Is Mighty!

More Politicians

Another thing we can do is run for office. We should have as much options as possible. I trust the average American before I trust the average politician. Thus, the average American should run for office. When it comes to election time we should have a wide range of different options so that the politically connected and corrupt will be obvious to spot. We make it easier for spineless politicians to get elected when they run unopposed or run against someone quite similar to themselves. The fact of the matter is that we the people must take control of our country and our government. If we do not like what is going on in the halls of government than we should make our voices heard. We should attend city council and let our voices be heard. We can create community groups with the express purpose of voting in someone who has the best interest of us all. The politicians want us to believe that voting doesn’t matter. The political machine in Scranton does not want the people to rally against them. Because in that day, they will know, that their power has ceased. Their reign will effectively be over.

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