In Scranton Tax Payers Are Always Last!

It is clear by the passing of the 31 million dollar judgment in Scranton Pennsylvania last week that Scranton tax payers have little say in what goes on in Scranton. It is even more tragic when it is done blatantly in front of the all the world to see. The Scranton Mayor, Mr. Courtright, decided to pay 31 million in back pay to Scranton firemen and policemen.  Scranton city council approved this foolishness. Why is this foolish? Well, let’s tell you the back story:

A City That Has No Money

In 2012, it became apparent that the city of Scranton had absolutely no money(here). Of course, it is pretty strange that a large organization like a city government can be caught off guard with running out of money. But then again, when you are running the city like a personal piggy bank these things tend to happen(here). Thus, the then current mayor , Mr. Droughty, made an emergency executive decision to cut all government employee wages to minimum wage. The government employee unions fought back and sued the city of Scranton. The case made its way to the state supreme court where a Judge in union pocket ruled on the favor of the unions. Now let’s consider this breakdown:

  1. The city of Scranton was in such financial ruin that the mayor had to cut wages
  2. Instead of making any cuts, the unions took the failing city to court
  3. The courts ruled that the broke Scranton city government should pay the police and fire union 31 million
  4. Of course, what they mean by “pay” is that the tax payer will have to pay for this


Leave the Unions Alone

I have nothing against police officers or fire men. But I will not permit this idea to continue that policemen or firemen are more important than the average American tax payer. The situation in Scranton is quite particular when you look at the way the average tax payer is treated versus the police/firemen.

  1. Countless policemen and firemen in Scranton make 100k (here) Vs. 2/3rd of Scrantonians living in poverty
  2. The avg wage of a policemen or firemen in Scranton is $85,077 Vs. the avg wage of tax payers in Scranton is $37,000
  3. Policemen/Firemen only make up 2% of the population of Scranton but their pension has cost the city over 300 million dollars through their pensions(here).
  4. 38% of Scrantonians live on a fixed income where the avg fix income is 15,000
  5. Scranton taxes are sky high!

Who represents the Tax Payer?

Why should poor and old Scrantonians pay sky high taxes so that police officers and firemen can make 100k? Why should the entire city of Scranton be on the line for pensions that the Unions and the Scranton government agreed to? Who is representing the Scranton tax payer who has to pay for all of this? Where is the fairness involved in which the people who have to pay for the entire city has no say in what goes on in it? Thus, it is regrettable that the City of Scranton functions to serve those connected with the government. Is there any wonder why the city is in shambles? This place is stuck in the middle ages(here).

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  1. I can’t even pay last years property and school taxes and are behind on my mortgage. I have never lived like this and am a nervous wreck. I still work at 75 years old and only make 8.41 an hour. I am living a nightmare.

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