Non-action as a form of Acceptance

There is this reoccurring myth going around. I’m pretty sure you have seen this in action. You see someone complaining about something and saying how unbelievable it is. They will go on a tirade about how this or that is completely unacceptable. Yet, they do not do anything about the thing they are complaining about. How does this work?

If you aren’t doing anything about it, you accept it!

We are emotional beings. For this reason, we become emotional about many things despite our reason telling us we should know better. The instances when we complain about something we can change does beg the ultimate question: if it bothers you so much, why aren’t you doing something about it? Well, for one reason, it is easier to complain than to actually do something. Complaining is a long time hobby of the disenfranchised. They do not really believe in their power to change things so they just complain about their circumstances. They complain about their circumstances without even attempting to see if there is a way for them to change their circumstances. This becomes a habit. It becomes so itched into their minds that they do not even seek a solution to their problem. In essence, they accept their circumstances as a matter of course. If you were to tell them this, they will begin making excuses about how it is not their fault and how there are external forces at work. This may be entirely true but that still doesn’t change that they accept their situation. We all know what not accepting something looks like? I doubt anyone would take me seriously if I said I did not accept the slaughter of animals for consumption, but said this while scarfing down a steak. Of course, people will say that this example is different, but is it? You have to accept something to tolerate it. There is no way for any organism on this planet to withstand something without a measure of tolerance for it. Once something becomes intolerable to you, it is something by definition you will not and cannot tolerate.

What do you Tolerate?

Now, the million dollar question becomes, what is it that we are tolerating that we shouldn’t? A giant elephant in the room points to the deplorable situation in places like Scranton(). It is by all means in tolerable and we should not tolerate for a second longer. The only way to prove your zero tolerance policy for what is going on in Scranton is to do something about it. Go to city council and express your thoughts. From a home study group of the home charter and see what can be done to alter things in Scranton. Reach out to political organizations or non-profits that can provide resources and aide. In other words, do not by your actions show any acceptance for that which is unacceptable. If the government of Scranton is corrupt as everyone says it is than do something about it.

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