What America Really Needs?

As a nation we have slowly begun adopting a philosophy of mediocrity and malaise. We no longer believe in ourselves or our neighbors. The result is that political shysters are claiming that they have the answer to problems that only we as Americans can solve. The biggest lie perpetuated by big corporations and big government is that the American people need them. No! It is the other way around, let me tell you why?

Who Needs Who?

Large corporations are often quick to explain that without them society would go under. Well, let’s consider a simple scenario: Take any big corporation and publicly boycott them across the nation. See how quickly they respond to the demands of the people and I am sure the people would make out just fine if the corporation no longer existed. Government is the same. If voting didn’t matter, why do politicians try so desperately to get our votes? Why are presidential candidates making rounds to try to curry as much favor as possible? It seems that government is convinced that voting matters but has sold us the lie that it does not. We are the fundamental stakeholders in government. And through our 401ks and IRAs we own all the big corporations. They unite against us – The American people. They use the media to sell a story that some phantom is robbing the American people but it is clear that it is the powers that be that are doing so. We should not kid ourselves into thinking that big government and big corporations aren’t in bed together. They are the most powerful institutions in our society and is it any wonder that they are really not at odds with one another.


Nearly every goal we ever wanted to achieve could be fulfilled through our collective action but we are not united. If we wanted anything done in this society, we could easily unite and make it happen. Instead, the big corporations and big government interest make sure that we stay divided. They want us to think that the other side is against our interest. The reality is that regardless of what parties we belong to we all want the same things. We all want safe neighborhoods, good schools for our children and job opportunities. Yes, we want there to be an equal playing field. How can there be when taxes are so high that it is nearly impossible to ever save enough? How can there be when regulation makes it impossible to drive cost down through competition? We are being played for fools by the very people who seek our votes and dollars. I pray for the day when the American people realize the truth. It does not matter what state you live in. It does not matter what politics you hold. We should look to each other to solve our problems instead of the oligarchs in boardrooms or in Washington. Because when it comes down to it, I trust my neighbor before I trust some guy who wants my money or wants my vote. At least, I know my neighbor.



2 thoughts on “What America Really Needs?

  1. I agree that “we, the people” need to unite against laws that make Christianity illegal, and cheat us out of our hard-earned money, etc. May God have mercy!

  2. How about the welfare state that is Scranton? I can say almost every time I go to a supermarket, the person in front of me is paying for a HUGE order with their Access card. Makes me sick.

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