Let’s Call A Spade A Spade

The reality of the matter is that there is pervasive corruption going on in the ranks of government that is being disregarded due to party politics. This has nothing to do with your political ideology. The truth is government has become a huge business when it definitely should not be. The framers who founded this country would be askance to see the extent to which government has become an anchor on the collective neck of our society.

Government Inc.

Everyone seems to be quite clear about big corporations using their money to obtain power through lobbying and paying for the campaign of politicians. What is not often spoken about is government unions doing the exact same thing. Now, I believe it is fine for labor to have representatives. But in the government, this creates a very precious and seditious cycle. Who are public unions organizing against? The government unions can easily marshal support from their members, vote in politicians and get laws passed that primarily favor union members. The problem with this is who represents that tax payer? No one! The politician that is supposed to represent the people is in the pocket of the public unions. This is no different than having a politician in the pocket of some big corporation. The unions can easily get contracts passed that entitles them to high compensation, complete health coverage and life time pension payouts- All at the expense of the tax payer. Who represents those taxpayers? How does the taxpayer have any say when these sorts of things occur? Where is the fairness?

Power to the People

I have a very radical idea. How about we stop giving institutions power- government, unions, and corporation, otherwise- and give more power to the people? How about we trust people to make the right decisions and stop bullying them into doing something that only benefit a faction or small select number of Americans. Big Corporations and Public Unions all claim they are doing what is best for America. But it is the corporations that sent jobs overseas. And it is the public unions that get taxes levied on Americans who are already living under crushing circumstances. Our government should function to protect the interest of all Americans. American should have more money in their pockets. Fundamentally, this is at the heart of why our economy is stagnant. Jobs are being destroyed because of regulations creating to protect interest of select few thanks to public unions. And corporations are quick to make any form of competition illegal so that they do not have to contend with real competition. In the end of the day, the average American is caught between two warring factions that are fundamentally the same. The day needs to come when we put the average American first. When we give the average American all the money we have taken through taxation, licensing, fines, fees, and other expenses. When we become competitive again and help anyone with a good idea bring it to fruition regardless of the possibility of changes to the status quo. Because America was shaped by these very ideas and if we continue to fear change, we will end up in the dark ages and the rest of the world will hastily pass us by.



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