The Scranton Government Makes Democrats Look Bad

Often times democrats claim to be the more progressive and liberal party. They say that they are concerned with the poor, down trodden and helpless. One look at Scranton Pennsylvania and you have to question what sort of democrats have managed to make the city look like a war zone.

Using Politics For Personal Gain

The Democrat government of Scranton is anything but liberal or progressive. This is evidenced by their trusty guide on how to steal property(here). They are hellbent on using the government as a personal piggy bank and using the idea of being a democrat as a selling point to justify it. I doubt that any democrat in their right mind would want to be associated with the City of Scranton. Why? Well, the city is in complete tatters and is ran by an incompetent cohort that is more like a gang than any civic organization. Here’s a list of the sort of things that take place this this city:

  1. The Scranton government likes to steal the homes of citizens (here)
  2. The Scranton government routinely mistreat the elderly (here)
  3. The Scranton government raises taxes to support the government connected (here)
  4. The Scranton government uses union power to control the area (here)
  5. The Scranton government has little intention in making the city viable (here)
  6. The Scranton government has been found to commit egregious acts of fraud under the guise of incompetence (here)
  7. The Scranton government’s Budget wholly goes to government employee compensation?(here)
  8. The citizens of Scranton are terrified of their own local government (here)
  9. The Scranton government actually makes countries like china and Iran look good.(here)


Let’s Be Honest…Let’s Be Real

Everyone in Scranton is fully aware of that the fact that the Scranton government is quite corrupt. It was not too long ago that a person in the government said so his self. The locals are well aware that the local government uses party politics and the idea of liberalism to trick the Scranton people to keeping the status quo. This is why Scrnatonians do not vote. They are well aware of the scheme and scam that is being perpetuated against the Scranton and the American people. Scranton could be an amazing city if it were not for the greed of the political machine that has ruined this city. What is particularly preposterous is that complete lack of sense of the  political machine, aka confederate of dunces, possess. I mean couldn’t you steal more if the  city was wealthier? This is the problem when you have people with little talent in charge of things that are important. A talented person would have been able to make this city viable while profiting from its success. The people in charge obviously could not make it in the private sector, that requires real talent, so they managed to weasel their way into the government and politics where they can use lies and deception to maintain a base of power. This is what happens when you have no competition. Losers begin thinking they’re winners.

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