The Scranton Government Has No Regard For The Elderly

It takes a very unique and particular kind of bully to bully an elderly person. It is obvious that the elderly cannot fight back but that doesn’t stop the Scranton government from feeding on them.  Scranton is a place where 1/3rd of the entire population lives on a fixed income. What does it mean to live in a fixed income you say?


Living On $15,000

The average fixed income recipient lives on $15,000 a year(here). Now, if that wasn’t outrageous enough, it is well-known that there are many officers and fire fighters in Scranton who make 100k. Who pays for these wages?  Somehow Scrantonains have to continue to pay county tax, city tax, land tax, wage tax, improvement tax, library tax, school tax and education tax?  HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE? Seriously, if you have any brain or any heart, you must conclude that this is a heinous atrocity. Why should poor and enfeebled people pay to support this ponzi scheme? The city shows no improvement or any sign of progress and yet taxes are still rising? What makes it even worse is that the Scranton governments’ failing policies has resulted in property values plummeting.  So, these poor people cannot leave because no one wants their wretched homes. The Scranton government has managed to become a pinnacle example of no talent incompetence. It is a clear example of what it is like to live without pride.


Scrantonians should boycott the government. If the government believes it deserves these salaries, they should quit and go work in the private sector. If you want to make 100k then becomes a lawyer, investment banker or doctor. The Scranton tax payers should not have to pay high taxes to live in this eye sore of a city. The Scranton government should be held to the same standard private companies are held. When I get a service from a private company, I expect it to work. What does the Scranton government do right beside take tax payer money? They do not have any original ideas. They have failed to create any meaningful changes in the city. The city is rampant with nepotism and malfeasance. They are dedicated to keeping the political machine aka “confederate of dunces” in power. They do not have the ability nor talent to save this city. They should quit. Have the dignity to throw in the towel and admit that it is literally a waste of money to pay taxes in this failure of a city. In fact, the Scranton people should vote on this. It would be a historic thing. The people of Scranton can decide as a community if the Scranton government has the right to exist. Can you imagine how much of a voter turnout would appear? Yes, this is an amazing idea. There is no question that in a city of 76k everyone would say that anything would be better than what is currently in place. This election season just got a lot more interesting.

2 thoughts on “The Scranton Government Has No Regard For The Elderly

  1. It is a well known fact that the Scranton government is corrupt. Courtright was elected by the unions. City council is promised lavish gifts if they go along with Courtright’s rule. Pat Rogan and Joseph Wechsler are the ringleaders. All the local contracts are given away to their friends and they receive kickbacks. The local court system is in their pocket. Jason Shrive down at the police station gets direct orders from Courtright. Jim Lockwood from the Scranton times is on the mayors payroll. David Bulzoni is also apart of this plot but he decided to jump ship before sh** hits the fan. They gave him a golden exit package. Roseann Novembrino and Jessica Boyles should both be jailed because they know all about the illegal spending of city funds. Patrick Hinton is a nice guy but he sells the people of Scranton out by only allowing government friends to work in Scranton. He is the main man down at the licensing board. Without their approval no one works in Scranton and guess who gets all the permits. The Scranton government and the Denaples crime family needs to be investigated by the feds.

  2. Do what we did in W-B, and give your seniors a tax break by going to a system that pays for garbage by the bag. Seniors generate a lot less trash than young families, but somehow all your people are paying the same rate.

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