Scranton’s Mayor Courtright Displays His Financial Illiteracy

Yesterday, The Mayor of Scranton, Mr. Courtirght, claimed to have reached what he describes as a breakthrough or “huge step forward” regarding Scranton’s financial situation which is in dire straits.(here) This presents a clear case that the Mayor of Scranton, Mr. Courtright, and his administration are financially illiterate. Of course, it goes without saying that any high government official in Scranton that claims that the Scranton is not malignantly corrupt is either a liar or delusional. We really do need to question why a horrible deal that we would never be made by anyone with sense in the private sector is being touted as an achievement by the Courtright administration. It is almost as if competence and professionalism means absolutely nothing to the government of Scranton. This “breakthrough” is a farce and an intellectual offense. No one who has any financial sense would take it seriously. Scrantonians are expected to be happy that Mayor Courtright saved the city 4 million dollars because the city was expected to pay 35 million. Why?

By The Numbers

For those who are just tuning in to the travesty that is Scranton’s financial situation, let us brief you on some key points regarding Scranton’s deteriorating finances.

  • The city is completely broke and maintains a credit rating below junk. No one sane will lend them money.
  • The city ran out of money as recent as 2013 where the then Mayor, Mayor Dougherty, moved to have all current government employees to work for minimum wage. (here)
  • The unions representing the government employees took the broke Scranton government to court and won a settlement by having a Judge- in the pocket of the unions- rule in favor of the unions. This is despite the reality that the Scranton government has no money
  • Thus, in addition to having a pension that is underfunded 80%, a staggering long-term debt of over 350 million, the Scranton government was on the line for 31 million dollars.(here)

The political machine, or “confederate of dunces” in control in Scranton like to use blue-collar/working class values as a way to shroud deceit, treachery, corruption, greed and theft. The government functions like a despotic regime but doesn’t nearly provide any services to justify all their outrageous taxes and fees as a look at this city in ruins clearly demonstrate. The reason why the pensions are underfunded is because the money that was supposed to go to the pension was pocketed by government employees and friends. The budget allocates 80% of the budget to government employee compensation.(here) Furthermore, it is customary for police officer and fire fighters to make over 100,000 dollars through deceptive schemes regarding overtime payments. Furthermore, Mayor Courtright gives off this deceptive show of caring about anyone about the people who have him in pocket. Do we forget that 50% of retired police officers and 58% of fire fighters are on disabilities?(here) The Scranton government is a medieval system where sucking the blood of the Scranton people is the business of the day(here). The high handed contempt and disregard for the Scranton people as well as American values is atrocious and a scandal. Scranton is a city where there are no viable jobs, plummeting home values, blighted homes, high crimes, swarming with drugs, crumbling infrastructure, broken roads, boarded up businesses and the only viable industry is the government robbing residents through high taxes so that government employees can earn six figures on top their free healthcare and lifetime pension benefits!

Wake Up Call

Who do you think is bankrolling this preposterous situation? That’s right, the Scranton people! The Scranton people have to suffer the indignity of living in the unhappiest city in America and having little in the way of amenities or prospects (here). In addition, they have to bankroll this inept failure of a government? Why should the people have to pay these ridiculous taxes and fees when the city is a complete and utter failure!!! The people deserve a refund and if the government needs to make money it should do what everyone else does, cut cost!!! When the Scranton government raises taxes on the poor and the old, the poor and old have to cut cost to pay for these monstrous taxes. Why can’t the Scranton government do the same? Why can’t Scranton government employees do the same? There is absolutely no fairness in Scranton(here). All the concessions are one-sided and that is ludicrous! Selfishness is selfishness and it doesn’t matter if it is being exhibited by a union or a big corporation. The Scranton government should be doing right by those who keep the lights on- the people of Scranton. Where is their relief!?

3 thoughts on “Scranton’s Mayor Courtright Displays His Financial Illiteracy

  1. I think anyone trying to organize a political movement on the basis of attacking Scranton police and firefighter pensions is wasting his time. Pensions are promises made by employers to working people that they will be financially secure in their retirement. The people of Scranton hired the mayors and city councils that approved pension agreements years ago that led to public employees’ benefits today. Those retirees retired, raised their families, and made life decisions based on the notion that they would have a pension protected by people in Scranton who are thankful for their service. Attacking those pensions now is breaking the promise we made to those workers and their families and I’m not ever going to support your call to do that. I’m proud that northeast Pennsylvania has a strong union tradition and I’m proud that public servants who would run into burning buildings to save me get compensated for the risks they take every day.

    • Blind dedication to unions is unfair and unjust. Are all unions good? Are you saying that scranton is not corrupt? It is well known that crime families have been involved in the unions of scranton. It is public knowledge that in scranton nepotism and malfeasance. Go to the city council meetings and hear the cries of the poor and old pleading for relief under the crushing blow taxes and fees. How can you speak about pride in the NEPA area when the area has been choked of any sigms of life and vitality by corrupt and inept policies? We should attempt to do right by the SCRANTON PEOPLE and not just unions. I also assume you are a union worker so you must understand that the public doesn’t have a union. We represent the public!

  2. Alex, very valid point. Thanks.
    You’re also proud of NEPA’s strong Union tradition. Good for you.
    I can also reasonable assume you have pride FOR Scranton? I DO. How about you?
    And if you’re not living under a rock somewhere, you can’t deny that Scranton is in dire financial distress with one foot in the grave.
    If you’re honest and admit you’ve got pride for Scranton, what is YOUR proposed solution to pull it out? What it your proposed non-selfish plan for recovery?
    What happened in the past is water under the bridge. You can’t un-ring a bell. But there ARE choices that can be made right now. Foolish leaders just go about making whatever decision the people want to hear. Great leaders have the courage to make the right or best decision….. Even if it is an unpopular decision. Making a right decision that is unpopular doesn’t make that right decision any less right.
    Think about those past generous wages and unrealistically generous retirement packages and numerous questionable disability hand-outs…… True – there are folks out there that will argue that it was a ‘promise’ and is therefore now an entitled right……. But looking at Scranton’s current financial state – it’s clear that past leadership made promises they couldn’t fathomably afford. And over the many years, dozens and dozens and dozens of workers accepted those promises that couldn’t fathomably be afforded.
    So Alex….. Let’s say you AREN’T one on those people who accepted impossible promises…… What is your proposed solution to save the city? Or are you a “Who cares?!?!! I got mine! I’m taken care of!!” people?

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