How To Steal From the Poor and Give To the Rich

People often like to cite Robin Hood as a great character to emulate. Indeed, it was pretty noble of him to attempt to take from the haves in order that the have-nots would be able to have their fair share. But if we look at the story closely, we see that Robin Hood was fighting unfair taxation of the poor. He was not merely stealing from the rich, but was actually giving the poor their own money back to them.

Scranton Steals From the Poor

The Scranton, Pennsylvania government has come up with a very nifty idea that would make any tyrannical, despotic and corrupt regime proud. They figured out a way to use democratic laws to enforce a monarchy on unsuspecting people. How? They figured out that if you can take a city that would otherwise be a viable place to live and make unattractive, you can bring down housing values enough to literally keep people imprisoned in the city. The people would be largely old and retired so they would not have the means to simply just up and move. Furthermore, the property they own is most likely their biggest asset, so walking away from it would be a large hit for them. Since no one would be willing to buy a home in a dying city, they are largely stuck and held captive by the local government. The evil local government then proceeds to raise taxes and fees. The poor and old are far to enfeeble to resist. If they even attempt, they are easily intimated. This is exactly how the Scranton government steals from the poor to give to the Rich. Those who work in and with the local Scranton Government are quite well off. They make huge salaries in a place where the cost of living is already really low. This means that their purchasing power is compounded. The extent to which this sort of greed is enacted in this area is malicious and cold-hearted. Of course, the people in power in Scranton fundamentally do not care. They are a soul-less bunch who have become completely accustomed to being sell outs. They are not content to merely bleed the people slowly. They will even go so far as to seize properties on a whim. This is may easy for them through the creation of unjust laws that allow them to condemn a home for any reason. Once condemned, the home owner must put up escrow of 10k and then make the alleged improvements. Guess who does the inspection? You guessed it! City employees! Thus, if they want your home, they basically get it.

Save Scranton = Robin Hood

We at Save Scranton believe that the people should keep the taxes they are entitled to. After all, it is their money. We believe that the Scranton government has no legitimacy and should no longer be acknowledged. The truth will ultimately win out and justice will prevail. We are here to ensure this and our numbers are growing!

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