Tell The Scranton People The Truth

It is clear that the Scranton government and the political machine that empowers it does not like the light of day. Like devils, ghouls, and other monsters, they enjoy the cover of darkness and ignorance so that they may do their ungodly deeds without suspicion. But there are yet people of truth and people willing to tell the truth. The Scranton people definitely need to understand the sort of people who control this city.

Children of Darkness

The people who control the city are beyond redemption of the human kind. If there ever was such a thing as evil then you can be sure it has found a home in the hearts of these men and women. The list of atrocities that are routinely committed by this lot make barbaric countries look civilized. The city’s debt is huge, and instead of cutting cost, they levy taxes on the poor and old. They will sell off public assets to friends before helping anyone else. It is obvious that these people are the most heinous and extreme sort of idolatrous whose god is money. There is no moral doctrine that believes in taking advantage of the weak. They are not content to just rob through only one means. They routinely seize the homes of the innocent to line their pockets. They use the levers of the law to commit heinous acts of injustice. They attempt to mask their deceit through illusory attempts at improvement but it is only to distract from the poison that fills the halls of local government. The city will never get better while these heartless fiends are in power. They do not have the intelligence, compassion nor moral ability to do anything right. It makes sense that the city is despoiled and houses are blighted. Nearly everyone wants to leave Scranton but they are trapped because their homes cannot be sold. Why? Nobody wants them. Businesses also refuse to do business in Scranton because they know of its corrupt dealings. Contractors and businessmen routinely shake their heads in dismay when they speak about the abominable acts that transpire in this city.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

This saying was spoken none other by Jesus himself. I believe that history has proven time and time that these words ring true. Nothing can hold down the truth. The light will always expose darkness and the misdeeds of miscreants will be known to all. There are people Scranton who believe that things will never change, but that is not true. Save Scranton is just the beginning. Countless people now know that Scranton is a pit full of vipers. People are beginning to ask questions. It is only a matter of time before things come to a head. We stated clearly when we first started that we will make sure that everyone in the country knows about what is going on in Scranton. Since then, thousands have gone on to learn what is going on in Scranton. Now, we will shoot for millions. Therefore, please, you brood of vipers, keep it up.

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