Scranton Reaches Useless $32 Million Settlement

Yesterday, the government of Scranton has supposedly reached a settlement on a 32 million judgment ruled against them which in the grand scheme of things amounts to pennies. The judgment was due to a law suit filed by the unions when Scranton former Mayor Doherty forced all city employees to work for minimum wage because of the government’s dire fiscal situation. The Scranton government has a staggering debt of over 300 million due to its underfunded pensions(). The pensions are underfunded by 80% and are scheduled to become completely insolvent within a year. Despite the 32 million dollar judgment, which is in addition to the already sky-high pension obligations and debt, the city is still in dire financial straits. The city’s plan is to sell off public assets in order to make up the pension obligations. In other words, they intend to sell off public assets and use it to line their pockets. What benefit does this give the citizen of Scranton? Nothing! The thinking is that in the Kingdom of Scranton(here), tax payers are peasants who should be glad just to live in this failing city.


What now?

Even after the sewer authority is sold and the garages are leased, the city will not be any more viable than it was. There are no jobs that anyone with a college degree would want. The housing values are still at the bottom. Home owners refuse to update their homes because the sky-high taxes don’t make it worth it. The city has no plans to make the city economically viable because that is not part of the scheme. What scheme? Well, the scheme is to keep the city going for as long as possible so that the people in the government can milk the city for as long as possible. The parasites in the government along with their cohorts who we term the political machine, or “confederate of dunces”, want to maintain complete control of the city to the detriment of everything else. This is the reason why the policies of the city have been routinely towards increasing taxation, fees, and giving greater benefits to city employees. The best jobs in the city of Scranton are those in the government or those that are affiliated with the government. It could be argued that Scranton is a socialist dream, but there are no benefits that redound to the typical Scrantonian. The people of Scranton are fed up but the political machine is not reluctant to seize property, make death threats and even act on several intimidation tactics. Thus, the settlement is worthless. It means nothing. As long as the status quo is in place, the city will continue to be a piggy bank for the politically connected. Everyone with good sense will leave. The rest will just wait to die.

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  1. The city is only 4 the high ups not 4 the tax payers Pay your taxes and they won’t help u with nothing Wish I could sell & get out of this city

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