Scranton’s Taxes Are Too Damn High!

It is fascinating that the Scranton government seeks to put forth the idea that they are taxing Scranton people for their own benefit. Seriously? They must believe that the Scranton people are stupid to attempt to suggest this with a straight face. Taxes have gone up more than 125% in the past 5 years and what does the government have to show for it? More debt, failing services, no business prospects, no tourism, no progress and the same ol status quo thinking that ruin the city in the first place.

Lower Taxes

Yes, Save Scranton is saying the things that everyone in Scranton already thinks. We need to lower taxes. We need to make the city attractive to businesses and outsiders in order to drive economic activity. The city should not operate like some medieval empire for the benefit of only those who are in government or politically connected(here). That is a travesty and offensive to morality, dignity and integrity. We should not have a government that has it as its primary aim to rob from the very people that it is sworn to protect. The city is not getting richer or growing more prosperous, so what is the point of raising these taxes. These taxes do not benefit the people of Scranton. They only benefit the people that are in government(here). Where do all of these taxes go anyway? How do they make the city more competitive or better place to live? Has the Scranton government ever answered honestly as to why the taxes of the city is so high when there is nothing to show for these excessive taxes?

Paying off Pension

The claim is that the government needs these outrageous taxes to payoff pensions. That is a blatant lie! The pensions are underfunded by 80%(here)! There is no way the Scranton government can tax its way into fully funding the pensions. Furthermore, how did the pensions become underfunded in the first place? It is clear that the Scranton government does not have the competence to manage money or wisely allocate the city’s finances. This is the reason why the Scranton government should get as little tax dollars as possible. The people of Scranton are far better off keeping their money in their wallet instead of giving it to an incompetent and corrupt government. Giving money to the cesspool called the Scranton government is like burning money. It does nothing for the tax payer. It does nothing for city. It is a complete and utter waste of money. The truth is the only way pensions will ever have a hope of being funded is to have them renegotiation and put in place business friendly policies that will drive up economic activity. New Jobs will attract new people into the city which would mean an increased tax base. Or we could keep things the way they are currently where every dollar giving to the Scranton government is a dollar thrown away. People work hard for their money and it is shame that they have to give it to a inept government instead of spending on their families. For Shame!

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  1. Pensions = Ponzi

    Like a Ponzi scheme, the pension system only works when there are far more givers than takers. With the retirement of the baby boom, the pension reckoning is nigh. Hang onto your wallets, folks. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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