The Status Quo Doesn’t Work!

The pioneering spirit that shaped this country has permitted us to become a nation of creators and developers. We are the recipients of a legacy of inventors and innovators that has ignited our economy for the past 100 years. The question that cities like Scranton should be asking is not why they have failed to innovative, but why does the Scranton government continue to think that the status quo is acceptable.

Standing Still

The dizzying pace of progress is without precedent in our current age but you would not believe this if you were in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The city, like many American cities, has made little effort towards modernization. One of the reasons for this is that the people in government are technologically illiterate. They have a little understanding of the current trends in technology or the most lucrative parts of the economy. The Mayor has never had any ideas concerning improving the city besides attempting to slow down the pace of annihilation the city is speeding towards (here). The fascinating thing about this is that this situation is not a usual one, but something that we should all be much acquainted. Every civilization that has failed has done so from a failure to modernize? While cities like Scranton remain in the past, cities in Asia have little hang ups about moving forward. Just take a look at the city of Singapore:


The idea that America can maintain its preeminence while its local cities, like Scranton, continue to fail is fantastical. The world is not shaped by haphazard events culminating together through dumb luck. It is shaped by the decisions we make every day with an eye toward what future we want for ourselves and our children. The city of Scranton is currently on a trajectory for complete failure, but this does not have to be the case. There is a saying that every day is an opportunity to do something different. That means that every day, we Scrantonians can decide to maintain the status quo or do something different. We can choose to answer honestly and say “No more!” to the corruption and moral decay of this region. We can have faith in a better tomorrow and work mightily to build a better city. The reality is that it is in our control and the future can be so bright for each and every one of us. We must decide!

Moving Forward

The march of progress doesn’t stop for anyone(here). The change in this city will be felt one way or another. It can both be part of the progress and innovate or it can be left behind. I find no reason why we should cede control of this city to a group of incompetents. I further do not understand why we should allow them to steal our future away from us. We deserve a functioning and prosperous city. If the current government is unable to do this then that is only an indication that they are not right for the job. Let’s put talented people of character in government and watch as this city blooms!

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