How Local Governments Like Scranton’s Ruin America!

There is this pressing observation that something is very wrong with America. The country used to be a shining beacon of innovation and progress, but these days there is a sort of malaise that seems to affect the country. We used to be pioneers in the truest sense, championing a forward advance on multiple fronts from everything to science to public policy. It appears that the country no longer has this same vibrant energy or determined focus. Why?

The Death of Character

The people we read about in our history books who founded this country were men and women of principle. It was upon the bedrock of conviction and sound policy that we raised our flag and founded this country. The people who went into government viewed the honor as something sacred; it was as if serving in the public was a duty to God and fellowman. The people of America expected their leaders to be just and wise. We demanded this and the leaders of our society were expected to make do on their promises. Sadly, if the government of Scranton is an indicator of the sort of people who go into government today than it is no mystery why our society is failing; the Scranton government is a blot to our national conscience. Is it any wonder why Scranton is the unhappiest city in America? Governments are instituted by men and women to secure the rights of the people. When a government begins doing the exact opposite, that government becomes an accursed thing. It despoils the wealth of the people  it takes in like some sort of parasitic entity. It fails to allocate any capital it receives effectively and thus the society is worst off. A government that is not for the people is a virus that festers and spreads its pestilence by infecting everything it touches. The moral decay begins to take on a life of its own and the manifestation is found in falling home values, ruined economics and general malaise. The culture of incompetence and theft becomes status quo which means that we begin expect this sort of behavior from our governments. In the time when there is plenty, it is easier to turn an eye toward such a travesty, but when we have a weakened economy as we currently do, it becomes impossible to not realize where the fault lies.

Why support failing governments?

Ask yourself, why pay taxes just so a government can continue to steal from its citizens? What sort of return does this give to the people? It is preposterous to think that our economy is not being affected through paying taxes and fees to a government that fundamentally acts as a failing investment. It would be akin to paying an outrageously high toll to drive on a road that is so broken down that it makes you late enough to the point where you get fired.  Look at the city of Scranton with all its failing prospects and be sure that the city would be better off if the government of Scranton didn’t exist. The people would have more money to pour into businesses and their homes. There wouldn’t be a need to pay off the mob controlled unions or outrageous fees that are constantly being hurled at the Scranton people. Give the Scranton people the freedom to manage their own lives, and the city, as well as America, will be as great as it once was. Anyone who says something different is obvious not for the people and has an agenda. Free the people!

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