The People of Scranton Win Historic Court Case Against Corrupt Scranton Government

Yesterday, a group of Scrantonian landlords had their day in court against the local Scranton government and won! This is a major victory for the local Scranton people and sounds the death knell for the corrupt policies that used to be a mainstay in this region Pennsylvania region. The Scranton government attempted to force rental property owners to pay a fee for merely existing. This is another example of the sort of high-handed shake downs that have become all too common in the city of Scranton. Strangely the local news is particularly silent about this victory on behalf of the Scranton people, I wonder why?

Bleeding The People Dry

The Scranton government has managed to rack up a staggering debt load of over 300 million dollars through inept policies, incompetent leadership, lack a vision and wholesale corruption(here). This is in a city that has a population where 2/3rds are in poverty and has the ignoble designation of being considered the unhappiest city in America(here). The Scranton government functions like a proverbial medieval kingdom where those loyal to the regime are rewarded at the expense of everyone who lives in the city(here). The local Scranton government should welcome investors into the city, but greed and corruption is such a way of life in this city that the Scranton government looks at investors as fresh meat or new prey. Not only has the local government managed to raise taxes an unbelievable 125% in 5 years, but they have attempted to extort rental property owners through a dubious rental registration fees. This is in addition to an endless procession of fees from garbage collection, sewer maintenance, wage tax to any order fees the local government can dream up. The local government is hell-bent on milking the city dry as it fails to reign in on excessive spending and out control budget that has most of its operating cost covering government employee compensation(here). Union power is law in this area and the sad result is a bankrupt pension, decaying city and excessive taxation(here). The area is steep in corruption with a political machine that has its dirty mitts in nearly every part of the city(here). Intimidation, threats, harassment, excessive fees and the seizure of assets is the punitive actions that the local government regularly takes against anyone and everyone. The people are completely fed up and it shows! The group of landlords that have taken the Scranton government to court succeeded in proven to the Judge, who ruled in their favor, that the fees levied on the landlords were unjust and unreasonable. Scranton property owners have been recognized as a class whose standing entitles them to a refund of any fees they have paid to the Scranton government as a rental fee registration in the past two years. Adam Guiffrida who filed the law suit last may declared the following:

I am happy to inform you that the landlords, developers, and property managers of Scranton have won a major victory today. The City of Scranton has now learned that the days of extorting the City’s investors are over. We want the administration to know that the property owners of Scranton will no longer be treated like an endless source of revenue. The detrimental real estate tax increases were enough. If Scranton cannot overcome its financial distress with a 125% real estate tax hike over five years, than the administration will need to come up with new sources of revenue that do not include taxes and fees.

His word clearly demonstrates that:

  1. The Scranton government has a history of corruption
  2. The Scranton government policies are the reason Scranton is a failed city
  3. Scrantonians aren’t going to put up with this nonsense any longer!


House of Cards

Yes, this amazing victory vividly presents the fact that the people of Scranton are quite fed up with the Scranton government and they are willing to do something about it. For a longtime, the Scranton government has depended on the apathy of local Scrantonian to “take their medicine” without complaint. No more! The list of grievances that have been committed by the Scranton government are endless and demonstrate a culture of corruption that is so entrenched that it is a wonder that more law suits are not In the pipe. Of course, this is only the beginning. Save Scranton was able to obtain testimony of Scrantonians who are now willing to speak on record about the atrocities that pervade in the Scranton area on a regularly basis. This travesty has gone on far enough and it is safe to say that establishment, with their status quo thinking, days are numbered. Scranton belongs to the citizens of Scranton! This is a great victory for Scranton and the constitutional rights of all Americans. The sort of despotic actions carried out by the Scranton government is an offense to a democratic society and a stain on the landscape of America. We as a nation do not sing the blessings of liberty just to have these very values trampled by our own local governments. Scranton government….good riddance!

2 thoughts on “The People of Scranton Win Historic Court Case Against Corrupt Scranton Government

  1. I wish I knew that people were talking a stand to the corruption in our city. I’ve been going at it alone and getting nowhere. What a wonderful victory! I most certainly will get on board to do my part to help save our city. Thank you!!!

  2. I am looking for advice or help with the new “quality of life” ordinance in the city of scranton. I have to pay $100 for putting out a small tv along with my garbage. I was not given any warning, and per what i see there is no recourse and i have to pay within 48 hours. well does hours are up and i have been looking for data, as this ordinance looks very unconstitutional to me.
    Its not about the money. this ordinance is also not about beautifying the city, but about extorting money from its residents.

    Please advice on who to consult about this, that can be trusted, would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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