Scranton’s Mayor Courtright A.K.A Sir Deficit

We have already established that the city of Scranton runs very much like a kingdom(here), but who are the key players? Well, the Mayor of Scranton, Bill Courtright, is a fine example of the nonsensical policies, cronyism, and status quo thinking pervades in the Scranton area. Let’s check the score board and examine how he manages to make Scranton worse with style.

At least do nothing

Yes, if you do not know what you are doing, you are better off doing nothing. It would have been better if Mayor Courtright did absolutely nothing, receive his 80k salary and just went home. Instead, he manages to make the city of Scranton’s already unstable situation worse. How? Well, the budget he passed not only has increased the city’s operating cost at a time when the city is completely without money (here), but it manages to increase the long debt load for the city while lowering absolutely no expenses. Did I mention that 80% of the budget goes to government employee compensation?(here) He did manage to give himself a raise for managing a failing city. He also managed to increase the government payroll by adding 14 new firefighters to the fire department (here). Thus, a city government that is incapable of managing their fiscal situation seeks to increase their debt obligation by adding on more debt to their balance sheet. Genius! These fire fighters will need health benefits and pensions that will be paid by who exactly? Oh yeah, that’s right, the tax payer. Mayor Courtright obviously does not serve the Scranton people if he intends to have them continue to pay to live in a failing city. What exactly has the Scranton government done to make living in Scranton worthwhile? People are literally held hostage in Scranton because no one will buy their homes. As we have stated in our last article, fixing Scranton is not difficult if you have good sense, integrity and a modicum of vision(here).

The Double Standard

In the private sector, you get fired for doing a lousy job. The Mayor of Scranton cannot possibly conceive that his performance warrants anything but a failing grade. The city is falling apart, the local government now has more debt and still no students want to live in Scranton pass graduation. Property values continue to plummet and as always there is no news of any businesses wanting to move into the area. It is time to stop this preposterous establishment thinking. Governments are not in business for themselves but to serve the citizens that pay their salaries! The idea that the Scranton people should be content with this pathetic performance is offensive. No American city should have to accept such lackluster results. Especially in an age where you can literally Google how to make a city viable/successful and just copy a working model that has been shown to produce results. Of course, It is hard to implement these sorts of initiatives when you serve a political society that pulls the strings from behind the scenes. The Good news is that the Scranton people are already completely fed up with all of this! Change Will definitely Come!

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